Skip, any second now 40,000 fans are gonna start chanting.


Ginny: Put on a helmet.
Mike: What?
Ginny: Trust me. Put on a helmet.

Sorry Mike, you played your last game for the Padres.


Mike: I got scratched?
Al: I went looking for ya.
Mike: Because of the deal?

Blip: You okay?
Ginny: He's walking out on us.
Blip: You almost did. Forget about your first start? "Get me out the damn game?" Mike didn't quit on you did he? I'm not happy about this either but you know that old saying that there's no"I" in team? Don't believe it. There's 25 of them all with their own lives and their own problems.
Ginny: He's leaving this team in good hands.

Amelia: Evelyn, hey, your hair looks great straight like that.
Evelyn: Its always like that.

Can't we just get through one game without any drama?


Oscar: Hey, how we feeling about Livan?
Al: I feel great about Livan with Mike Lawson on the team, and terrified about Livan without Mike.
Oscar: Why?
Buck: How much time ya got?

Amelia: Does Will have that kind of capital?
Ginny: I wrote him a check.
Amelia: For how much?
Ginny: None of your business.

Amelia: So the rumor's true? Are you really leaving?
Mike: You tell me, you claim to know everything.
Amelia: Whatever, just let Ginny know if you know.
Mike: Why? I don't owe anyone an explanation, a goodbye or a go to hell.

Evelyn: What?! You turned him down? A billionaire?
Ginny: I barely had time for this dinner.
Blip: Ginny, you need to get some...what I'm just saying it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun or at least release some stress.

Ready for the screwball? Also, would love to take you to dinner.


Pitch Quotes

Ginny: But none of that matters, you know why?
Frank: No, but color me intrigued.
Ginny: Because today I'm the starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres.

I know it's only a 2 minute ride to the stadium and you've probably dealt with this kind of paparazzi before, but there's a billion dollar piece of cargo back here, and if you Princess Di her ass and you and me survive, I'm going to Red Wedding you and your entire family.