Amelia: Is he hitting on her?
Will: Definitely. Don't worry, she can handle herself.

Ginny: I can't tell you how annoying it is. To turn on the tv and hear all these talking heads going on and on about you. Everywhere I go its Mike-o-mania. It's like no one else plays on this team.
Mike:[chuckles] Mike-o-mania, huh?
Ginny: Nothing catchy goes with Lawson.

Oh God, I hope you weren't doing anything gross in here.



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Ginny: I don't want to sound like an annoying duckling, but I don't know what I'd do without you.
Mike: You'd be fine.

Now is not the time to capitalize off of your sister's fame. You have no idea the amount of pressure she's under. If you really love her, you'll leave her be.


I hereby declare this a mistrial due to a well hung jury.


Ginny: You lied to me!
Amelia: I'm sorry?

Blip: Is that what she's been humming? Katy Perry?
Mike: That's how off-key she is. If you listen carefully it's the worst rendition of "Firework" you ever heard.

You're not in love because you don't know her, and she sure as hell doesn't know you.


Omar: I think I might have..
Mike: You might have what?...Feelings?
[Omar shrugs]
Mike: My chambers. Now!

Omar: Am I really the only one who's noticed? It's like we're playing with a supermodel?
Mike: You get used to it!

Pitch Quotes

Ginny: But none of that matters, you know why?
Frank: No, but color me intrigued.
Ginny: Because today I'm the starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres.

I know it's only a 2 minute ride to the stadium and you've probably dealt with this kind of paparazzi before, but there's a billion dollar piece of cargo back here, and if you Princess Di her ass and you and me survive, I'm going to Red Wedding you and your entire family.