Stan: I'm leaving my wife. For good. I don't want to pretend anymore. I want us to get a house. Out on the island or Westchester. I can take the train in and out of the city for work. Remember that night, the first night in the hotel room. That night we met and you told me you just wanted a home and someone to take care of, and to be treated like a real woman. Let me give you all that.
Angel: What about your kids?
Stan: We'll figure it out. They can come stay with us on weekends. You like kids, right?
Angel: Not really, Stan.
Stan: It was real. This whole thing, it was always real.
Angel: You remember what else I said back in that hotel room? It was your first time but it wasn't mine? You're not my first Prince Charming. You're not real. We're just good ideas in each other's minds. And they turn into bad ones once they get into the regular world, right?
Stan: I'm asking you, I'm beggin' you to just try. Try.
Angel: You're not listening to me. What I want has changed.

Pray: I have to tell you somethin'.
Keenan: Seein' someone else.
Pray: Please, I wish it was that simple. I have HIV. I recently lost a lover and being here with you it's like the first time I was with -- First time I was with him. I told Blanca I wasn't ready, but she told me I couldn't sit around the house feeling sorry for myself. Now that you know my truth you probably want to leave, and I wouldn't blame you. So why don't you just go and I'll pick up the check. We can pretend like this never happened --
Keenan: Hey, hey. I'm sorry that you're going through a rough time. What can I do to help?

Blanca: You wanted to see me which means... one thing. Is Damon screwing up again? Cause I'll bust him upside his head if he's trying you.
Helena: That won't be necessary. You've been a great mother to him. He's really straightened up. And I wanted you to be the first to know as his guardian that his scholarship has been approved for a second year.
Blanca: Oh my god.
Helena: I am so incredibly proud of him, and I'm proud of you, too. Blanca, I've seen parents give their children the best training, the best education money can buy, and yet their dancing careers go nowhere. You, however, have given Damon something that will allow him to soar in this world. Self-worth. As long as he knows his life has value, he will be unstoppable.

Elektra: Trust gives people power over you.
Blanca: Both you and I know sleeping at a fast food booth and working the sex trade, you won't live out the year. You're gonna end up down at the morgue. Okay, you want to be a beautiful corpse. Fine.
Elektra: I don't like being needy. I hate myself for it.
Blanca: You got a lot to hate yourself for, but needing help ain't one of them.

Angel: We didn't have sex the first time. He mostly wanted to talk. It wasn't dirty or nothin.
Patty: Did he talk about me?
Angel: Not really, but I already knew he was married, if that's what you're asking. He took off his ring and tried to hide it, but I always know. And I never feel guilty either. I figure, who am I to judge what goes on between two people. Why they need what they need.
Patty: You did -- you did have sex?
Angel: Uh huh.
Patty: Did he use protection?
Angel: Every time. We not together. I was the one who broke it off. I feel like he wanted to keep me. Like a doll. That's all I ever wanted. But when I had it, I just felt like I wasn't nothing until he decided to come home and play with me.
Patty: I understand.

Patty: How could a woman be a drag queen?
Angel: I'm a transsexual.
Patty: No, I don't believe you.
Angel: Why thank you. That's a compliment, you know.
Patty: That's not possible. I mean, Stan would never do that. You're a woman.
Angel: 100 percent.
Patty: Prove it.
Angel: What? You wanna see my dick?
Patty: Yes.
Angel: I'm sorry for what I did to you, and I'm here to talk, but I got boundaries. I'm not bothered about any part of who I am except that. Everything I can't have in this world is because of that thing down there. If you wanna see who I am, that's the last place you should look.

Pray: You couldn't have done this shit in private? After all the times I've been there for you. After all the secrets I've held for you.
Blanca: Pray, listen --
Pray: No, you listen. You all need to get it into your thick ass skulls. When I'm standing behind that podium, I'm the one that keeps that crowd hyped. I'm the one that makes sure there's a flow to the proceedings! If you don't like the music I'm playin', don't show up.
Blanca: We didn't mean upset you.
Pray: Well you did! My life ain't never been easy. You of all people should understand that. My boyfriend is dying. I wish I could rewind and go back to a simpler time when my life wasn't consumed with drugs and disease. I've buried more friends in the last year more than any of you can count. And when it's all over, who knows how many of us will be left.

Derek: Oh, you're talking big now because your girls are here?
Blanca: I'm not looking to be somebody's plaything. I want romance. I want to fall in love. I deserve that. Not some bumped up boy toy.
Lulu: Girl, you ain't missin' out on anything. Derek's like a vacation. He just never lasts long enough.

Blanca: I'm here because in this life I've had two mothers. The one that brought me into this world and... you. The first one -- the first one died just this week. Before she could forgive me, before I could forgive her. You and I, we got our problems. Enough water under the bridge to drown this whole city. The world may have destroyed the version of you who saved me that night outside the ball and took me under your wing, but you're the only mother I have left. You may be a terrible mother, but that don't mean I can't be the loving daughter I want to be.
Elektra: I'll call a nurse to get a vase for those flowers, even though they're from a deli.
Blanca: So how does it feel?
Elektra: It hurts worse than I ever imagined, but it also feels better than I've ever dreamed.

Matt: I take no pleasure in telling you this or that I didn't struggle before deciding to do it.
Patty: I'm sure you struggled plenty.
Matt: I'm here because I need your help. This woman, whoever she is, he's obsessed with her. It's getting in the way of his work. He's coming in late, he's leaving early. Sloppiness. Don't act like this is coming out of the blue. When I was here at Christmas, you were suspecting something.
Patty: When you were on Christmas you kissed me. I believe you. I just don't trust you.

Blanca: I miss her.
Pray: You'll always have the memories.
Blanca: Yeah, the good and the bad.
Pray: Yes, ma'am. That's the burden of having a parent. They haven't a clue what they're doing, and every mistake they make chips away at us. As we get older, we gotta glue the pieces back together. We can blame them, but here's the thing. They're human. They make mistakes. When my daddy died, I went through it. I blamed myself for all the black eyes and lost time.
Blanca: Have you found forgiveness?
Pray: Oh... it depends on the day.
Blanca: I feel you. I don't know Pray. It don't feel right attending a funeral of a woman who rejected me.

Elektra: So what's your story? Let me guess. Mommy kicked you out after catching you in a dress. Where are you staying?
Blanca: Usually at Washington Square. Some nights I get a bed at the youth shelter.
Elektra: What possessed you tonight?
Blanca: I wanted to be pretty. To be seen. To belong, I guess. I thought this community would see me and want me. I know I wasn't great, and I know I don't have my look all the way put together, but it felt warm under those lights.
Elektra: You do have potential. We just have to work on your look before you ever step foot in front of those shady bitches.
Blanca: Can I be honest with you? I don't think I'll ever be as real as you. No one questions you or looks at you the way they do me. It's not that I give a fuck about what people think, but I do want to be seen and respected as a woman. That's who I see myself to be.
Elektra: You think I just woke up one day and poof I looked like this? No. It takes work, drive, sacrifice to be a woman. You have something rarer than beauty though. You have heart, and you're not afraid to lead with it. That quality will get you everything. Now, what is it you want, my child.
Blanca: I don't want to be cold again. And I don't want to be laughed at again. I want to be real.
Elektra: You're coming home with mother.
Blanca: Wait, you want to be my mother?
Elektra: No, I am your mother.

Pose Quotes

Blanca: Notice what it’s all about. Being able to fit into the straight, white world and embody the American dream. We don’t have access to that dream, and it’s not because of ability, trust me. I mean… isn’t that what you’re trying to do? Dance your way into that world? The world of acceptability?
Damon: Sorry I said I wasn’t like you.
Blanca: Oh child, hush. You are a gay black boy. Who else you goin’ find to make to feel superior?

Blanca: You are jealous and petty, and you show your true colors.
Elektra: I have a right to show my colors, and you showed yours. You’re not ready. You’re a second banana. I’ll give you that, but no more. Look at me. Look at you. I can pass. I can strut down fifth avenue when the sun is sitting high as my cheek bones and be waited on at Bergdorf’s, same as any white woman, while you hide away in the shadows. You’re way ahead of yourself in the game… beast.
Blanca: So, do any of you want to walk out this door with me into the future or would you rather choke on dust and decay?
Elektra: You’ll be back.
Blanca: Never.