It always comes down to me, my family, and a gun.


Tasha: Riq, Tommy is a fucking killer.
Tariq: Ma, so am I!

We all make mistakes, Monet. I'm just trying to correct mine.


Everett: Are they going to get in trouble? Zeke, I mean.
Jabari: Look, we're just trying to get to the bottom of this, okay. Zeke's gonna be fine.

He's saying if you and Tariq keep your mouth shut about what happened here today, you're free.

Davis [to Tasha]

Dru: Hey, tell me you didn't do nothing stupid. Where's Ramirez, Cane?
Cane: He's where he needs to be.
Dru: You are dumber than I thought.

Now we good. Bitch.

Monet [to Rico]

Riley: He's gonna get you hurt. Or killed. I really loved you. And I still do.
Brayden: I guess you fucked that up then, huh?

Dru: You took our corner boys. Why?
Cane: Monet wants to roll with Tariq, fine. I'll take over the streets.

Paula: Well, even if Tariq is lying about his grandma, instead of gaming him let's find out why he needs the money.
Davis: Long as I get mine, that's all that matters.

Tariq: Well, Stansfield is hot right now thanks to Ca-
Monet: We don't say that name anymore.

Tameka: Tariq, did you kill your father?
Tariq: Yes. I did. Not because I'm a monster. Because he was a monster.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Quotes

Carrie: You just got here. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?
Tariq: I have to help my grandmother with my baby sister. I have to help my family.

Simon: Why, Tariq, I had almost given up hope. Is your watch stopped?
Ida: Young African-Americans have a responsibility to be prompt, young man. We must subvert expectations whenever possible.
Tariq: Yes, ma'am. I apologize. I had a family emergency.
Simon: Yeah, well I guess you have thee family emergency these days, don't you? He really is remarkably resilient, wouldn't you say, Ida?