Tommy: You ready for a war, kid?
Vic: Oh, it's war.

Kate: I want to meet JP.
Tommy: I'll save you the trouble. He's broke.
Kate: He called me. Sounds very sweet. Unlike you.

Claudia: Tommy, we can work out a way that benefits all of us.
Tommy: There ain't no us. Ain't never gonna be an us again.
Claudia: Then I better get ready.
Tommy: Yeah, you fucking better.

Vic: Egan is my kill. He has to be.
Walter: Alright. I get it. He's yours. Take it.

Adrienne: What would you have done if I wasn't here?
Diamond: Whatchu think? I'm taking you home.

D-Mac: Hey, Tommy. Let me ask you something.
Tommy: Anything.
D-Mac: Who the fuck is that old white bitch outside?
Tommy: That's your grandmother.
D-Mac: I got a old white bitch for a grandma?
Tommy: Yeah. And the crazy part is she like being called an old white bitch. So, you keep that shit up, alright?

Tommy: Who told you that I was behind this? Was it your father? Answer me.
Claudia: It doesn't matter.
Tommy: You might wanna consider your source.
Claudia: And you should watch your back.

Tommy: I asked you to do one motherfucking thing for me. One.
JP: I know.
Tommy: No you don't! Otherwise, you wouldn't have opened up this fucking box. You don't know what the fuck you just did.
JP: I did what I thought was right.
Tommy: You did what you thought was right for you!

Walter: What'd I tell you? You two, you need to trust me.
Claudia: I'm all in, Da. Anything you want. I'll never step away from this family again.
Vic: From here on out, I'll do whatever you need me to do. No questions asked.

D-Mac: I ain't calling you Uncle Tommy.
Tommy: That's aight.
D-Mac: Maybe just Tom.
Tommy: Well that ain't never gonna fucking happen.

Tommy: You like the smartest kid I ever seen. Know I used to know somebody like you once. Yeah, could do figures in his head. Always buried in a book.
D-Mac: Word. What he do?
Tommy: Same shit I do. Now he dead.

Claudia: I can't believe Gloria's dead.
Walter: It's a fucking tragedy.
Claudia: He really loved her, Da.
Walter: I know that.