Marshall: Are you tweaking? Did you not just hear anything I fucking said? No one from CBI can hit back.
D-Mac: Good thing I ain’t CBI.

Dead man walking.


It’s not always about you, Tommy.


Diamond: You take care of Vic?
Tommy: I sure fucking did.

Diamond: We about to be playing a whole new game right now. It’s about to be us, CBI, running Chicago like we always planned to.
Jenard: You, me, and Tommy fucking Egan, right? Do we need him?
Diamond: Bro, this wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for him in the first place. He put the whole thing in motion.

Diamond: You couldn’t keep your eyes off my brother for two fucking seconds to see what was happening right in front of you.
Tommy: Nobody taking this harder than me.
Diamond: Tommy, I am. Because I will go to prison for good.

Jenard: Look, you know there’s a version of this where we only get rid of Tommy?
Shanti: What you mean?
Jenard: Just saying, you know we keep Diamond in the mix. That way, it’s the three of us running shit.

JP: I don’t blame you for being angry. I should have pushed back. I should have fought for you. I’m sorry.
D-Mac: Man, stop apologizing to me. And just fight for your son.

Jamal: Mine as well say your final goodbyes. He ain’t gonna be around much longer.
Diamond: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Jamal: You’ll find out.

This case is changing us. Is that what you want?

Bobby [to Stacy]

Stacy: You know, if Miguel Garcia finds out that you fucking his little sister, he might take you off the map before I do. Be careful, Mr. Egan. Chicago is a very dangerous city.
Tommy: So I keep hearing.

Vic: This is bullshit. You keep moving the goalpost on me.
Stacy: The goalpost has changed because I now have a dead FBI agent on my hands.