Tabby: Do you want me to come with you tomorrow? To meet the adoptive family?
Imogen: I'd love that. And road trips to Rosewood are kind of our thing.
Tabby: Done. I'll drive. So... what do you think of them?
Imogen: They seem... pretty perfect, actually. They've been wanting to have a baby for a while. I think they're both writers, and one owns a bookshop. Their names are Aria and Ezra.
Tabby: Wait, Ezra? As in... Ezra's Books? I've totally been there.
Aria: The best part is... they're open to staying in touch with me about the baby's life, sending me updates.
Tabby: That does sound pretty perfect. So... Imogen... what does your newly activated mother's intuition tell you? Do we think it's over-over? Or is there a sequel in the offing?
Imogen: I'm gonna say... it's over.

Imogen: Oh my god, Tabby. Chip?
Tabby: I didn't want to say anything... in front of the other girls. But h-he's one of your... your best friends. And we-we've... It's so fսcking twisted, but it adds up.
Tabby: Chip was close by on both nights we were attacked. Also... now that the idea is in my head, I can't shake the feeling that it was Chip. I mean, it's all circumstantial evidence, but... But there might be some real evidence.

Faran: Kelly, what's going on at your house?
Karen: My dad's fսck¡ng spiraling. He... He knows what Mama said to you, to both of us. And now I am not allowed to go back to school until after Christmas break.
Faran: Why?
Kelly: So I can't cause any more trouble. I shouldn't even be here. I had to sneak out. We're basically under house arrest.
Faran: Kelly... it's time you know the truth. That your dad may be at least partly responsible for Karen's murder... if not fully.
Kelly: Not this again, Faran.
Kelly: Karen's death was an accident. There's a crazy masked killer terrorizing me and the girls. Tyler Marchand isn't missing. He was murdered. Also, Henry wasn't the one who went after you in the auditorium. That was A. A is what he calls himself, and A... pushed Karen out of those rafters at the dance... for being a bully.
Kelly: Karen was... murdered? By the same guy who chased me?
Faran: I'm telling you now because A... is avenging the death of Angela Waters. All the people who hurt her. I know, it's a lot, but I'll talk to the girls at school tomorrow. We, we will make a plan. Figure out a way to get you and your mom out of that house and away from your dad. Can you make it one more night, Kelly?

Rose: Look at yourself. Your face, showing off your body.
Angela: Please, Mom. All the girls wear makeup and dresses.
Rose: Don't you see? This is why you were hurt. You invited it!
Angela: No, I didn't. Don't blame me. What's bad about wanting to go to a party with my friends?
Rose: Your friends? I was invited. They want me... and I'm going.

Kelly: Where'd you disappear to, Greg? After we hooked up...
Greg: I got my ass chewed out by that Tabby chick. Heard she punched Tyler in the face.
Kelly: Right in the nose.
Tyler: And he must've been hella embarrassed because I haven't seen him at school since.
Kelly: Oh... good. Tyler's an asshоlе.

Tabby: My mom said they tried to help Angela. Maybe that's what Crazy Joe meant by adopting her. Whatever it was, it clearly didn't work.
Imogen: Tabby... your mom's still going to that real estate conference, right?
Tabby: I believe so.
Imogen: Great. Then we're going to Rosewood, to the Radley Sanitarium, to find Rose Waters, hopefully.

Joe: They took her away... to an asylum. The Radley Sanitarium.
Imogen: In Rosewood?
Joe: Yep.
Tabby: She still there?
Joe: Could very well be.

Joe: Angela couldn't keep up with those girls, and so, eventually she came crashing down... on Y2K night.
Abby: What about her family? Do you know anything about them?
Joe: Her mother... Rose. That was her only family. After Angela was found, Rose snapped. Showed up to the school one day with a butcher knife.
Imogen: Oh my god. What was she there for?
Joe: Revenge.
Abby: Did she... stab someone?
Joe: She tried to. Multiple students.
Imogen: The girls who adopted Angela?
Joe: No... A table of boys.

Tabby: Girl stops at a motel, takes a shower, guy comes in, kills her, but I'm flipping it, and I need a guy who's not shy, confident in his own skin.
Greg: Who else is in the movie?
Tabby: Faran Bryant.
Greg: And I kill her?
Tabby: No... She kills you. But basically, it...
Greg: it's a shower scene with a hot girl, right?
Tabby: Mm-hm. Sweet. I'm in.
Tabby: Excellent.

Sidney: So, I heard from my buyers. Why would you say those things, Imogen?
Imogen: I just told them the truth... that my mom died there.
Sidny: No. You said that a woman had been murdered there, which is not the truth.
Imogen: It's my house. I hate the idea of strangers living there.
Sidney: Well, congratulations. They're pulling their offer.
Imogen: Guess it wasn't meant to be.
Sidney: I wanted to spare you from this, but your mother was in a lot of debt, Imogen. I was hoping a sale would cover what she owed. Also, I heard from one of my old classmates, Don Thompson, that you've been calling around, and asking questions about Angela Waters. Why would you be doing that?
Imogen: Because... There is a connection between what happened to Angela and what happened to my mom, and because you won't tell us what it is.
Sidney: Imogen, are you maybe wanting to see something that isn't there?
Imogen: Or are you trying to cover up something that actually is there?
Sidney: I want you to move on from all this.
Imogen: It's a little harder for me to move on, Ms. Hayworth. My mom is dead.
Sidney: I meant move on from Angela Waters.
Imogen: What are you all hiding? Why does no one want to talk about Angela Waters?
Sidney: You do need to move on, Imogen. And your house needs to be sold, so however else you want to spend your time, I'd finish picking out what you want to save... and say goodbye.

Mrs. Murray: No phones in detention.
Imogen: I'm sorry, Mrs. Murray, but... it's my doctor. I have to take this. Mr. Thompson, thanks so much for calling me back.
Mr. Thompson: Happy to chat, though I'm not sure I can be much help. I wasn't really in your mother's friend group.
Imogen: What about... Angela Waters? She was also a classmate of yours.
Mr. Thompson: What would I know about Angela Waters?
Imogen: I'm trying to talk to as many people from your graduating class as possible... for a school project. Were my mom and Angela friends?
Mr. Thompson: Look, I don't know anything about Angela. No...
Mr. Thompson: So sorry. I can't help you.

Marjorie: Oh shit, Angela. Hold this.
Janitor: You girls smokin' back here?
Marjorie: Not me. Just her. Right, Angela?
Janitor: Marjorie, get the hell outta here. You, come with me.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Quotes

Davie: Drink your milk.
Imogen: Milk with dinner is gross.
Davie: Oh, okay. Your only source of calcium can't be from Ben and Jerry's.

I need help. Sidney? Corey Please.Davie, please. Davie? Please. Help me. Help me, please. Please. Please, look at me. Please. Sidney. Sidney. Sidney! Sidney, please, look at me. Please, I'm begging you. Look at me, please. Please.