You thought if I got a good night's sleep I'd wake up in Candyland.


You were needling both our families with that secret, they probably wanted you to shut up.


Where are you in this Spencer? You haven't even said a word. Should I be afraid of our big brother?


I've been dreaming about this moment for a long time, sleeping in my own bed.


We made a pact Emily. A is finally dead and we were all ready to get back to our lives and now we're on Planet Alison.


Emily: What happened with Shanna-
Aria: Happened because of me, and I can handle that part...I think.

Spencer: When did you become religious?
Hanna: My mom's dating a preacher, remember?

He wants to win you back. Does he have a chance?


Emily: You know that A is always one step ahead of us.
Spencer: Yeah, maybe is.

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Quotes

Don't worry. After I'm gone, you can go back to focusing on your little love triangle.


Am I going to hell?