Whitly: Be careful, Malcolm. If you didn't call the cops after you found that girl, then how long did it take you to call the cops? Days, weeks, months? How many other people died? And why can't you remember? Perhaps it's better if you don't.
Malcolm: Don't worry, Dr. Whitly. I plan to find out.
Whitly: Good for you.

David: You asked me to call?
Jessica: He came back?
David: Yes, he did.
Jessica: Thank you, David. Good to know.

Tell me about the girl in the box. 


Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jessica: You look exhausted.
Malcolm: Yeah, well, not sleeping will always do that.
Jessica: Night terrors?
Malcolm: Yes.
Jessica: Are you being safe? The mouth guard, the restraints? Night terrors always required a seatbelt.

well nothing like a little murder to cheer you up.