Malcolm: I'm never going to be normal. I've tried, but I'm probably insane for thinking any woman would want to be in my life let alone you.
Eve: You scare me, Malcolm Bright.
Malcolm: You scare me too.

Malcolm: What did you want?
Ghost: Find me.
Malcolm: I'm trying.
Ghost:  How can you? You don't even remember who I am. 

Malcolm: So my dreams aren't getting any better.
Gabrielle: That's one way of describing it.

Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Eve: I've been meaning to ask about your mother. How is she?
Malcolm: No longer armed, but still a little dangerous. 
Eve: Good. All women should be a little dangerous.

Gabrielle: I can't disagree with your feelings, Malcolm, they're yours. But there is another way of interpreting that nightmare. Were you aroused by that dream? Malcolm: Sexually? I was skewered.
Gabrielle: Penetrated. By a sword.
Malcolm: Fine. There were some erotic elements.
Gabrielle: Malcolm, what if this dream is a different part of your subconscious demanding to be heard? The part that needs sleep, food, sex.
Malcolm: It's a little Freudian, but I'll go for it.