Martin: I've always been aroused by good penmanship. I suppose I'm a little bisexual in that respond.
Malcolm: No, you're not.

Martin: I told your mother I'd like to grow old here. Get a big cabin for all the grandkids.
Malcolm: That dream is as dead as your 23 victims.

JT: Pushing down your feelings, looking for salvation in a case to solve,damn, you've learned a lot from Bright. I have to. I never thought I'd say it, but I like the guy.
Dani: I don't need a peptalk.
JT: How about a lead?

Sorry, Viv. It's going to take more than two martinis and a couple of valium to take me down. That's breakfast in this family.


Martin: Whatcha thinking about?
Malcolm: You. Always you.

Martin: I did everything! I shared the letters, I saved Jeannie, I was done being that man! But you, you just couldn't believe it, could you? So you made me become him again. You ruined everything.
Malcolm: That's not how psychopathy works. It's who you are.
Martin: No, you tricked me. You asked me to help. I was trying to be a good father!
Malcolm: You don't belong out here. This world isn't for you. Dad! Listen to me, I'm trying to save you.
Martin: I was a good father. But you, you were never a good son.
Malcolm: You're going to kill me. Ten seconds ago, that's when you decided.
Martin: There's no other way.
Malcolm: Yes there is.
Martin: I was right. We are the same.

Malcolm: I can't live like this, knowing he's out there somewhere. He could come for me anytime.
Dani: That's not what scares you. What scares you is living the rest of your life without your father.

Malcolm: You don't care. None of you care if my father lives or dies.
Dani: And what if he did? You would be free.
Malcolm: What if I need... what if, what if he makes me who I am?
Dani: Martin Whitly is a cruel and violent man. You, you are none of those things. Let him go, Malcolm. I am begging you. You can have a life.

Martin: This is not about Jessie.
Capshaw: Jessie? That's not a name. That's a shade of lipgloss.

Finally, we can be together. Welcome home.


I don't think Vivan is the victim. I think our father is.


Capshaw: Don't you share the popular opinion about Martin Whity?
Malcolm: Of course I do. He's a psychopath. An unrepentant murderer.
Capshaw: Then why are you here?
Malcolm: Because he also happens to be my father.

Prodigal Son Quotes

 No one is born broken. Someone breaks us.


Malcolm, Malcolm, listen to me. I want you to remember something, OK? You're my son, and I love you. I will always love you because we're the same.