Margaret: Veronica, sweetheart. I missed you so much.
Veronica: I'm only here for my sister. You're still dead to me.

I could use a map to make sense of this family. We're so messed up.


Mateo: He's going to prove you wrong this time.
Joe: People don't change, Mateo. Only their lies do.

Maybe Joe is not the monster you think he is just like I'm not the man you remember.


Mateo: Mom, what are you doing here?
Lettie: He's back.
Mateo: My father?

Margaret: Tell me, if you care so much about Carmen, why is it that her only real creative opportunity hs come from me not you and Joe?
Lettie: You really think that one job will make her forget the fact that you left?
Margaret: I was pushed out.
Lettie: You abandoned your family.
Marget: You stole it, and I was left to rebuild my life from nothing, so don't act so innocent in this, old friend.

Lettie: I don't know what game you're playing, Margaret, but when you and Joe go to war, it's usually other people who get hurt. That's not going to be Carmen.
Margaret: She's my daughter, Lettie.
Lettie: When it's convenient.

Margaret: Just curious, does Joe keep your balls in his pocket or the humidor next to his cigars?
Wayne: No need to get hysterical or bitchy about this.
Margaret: Oh, I never get hysterical when it comes to business. Bitchy's another story.

Antonio: I held up my end. I told Joe. You know how he reacted?
Javier: I'm sure it was unpleasant.
Antonio: Unpleasant?
Javier: Yes, unpleasant, Antonio. He probably yelled at you, called you mariposa, then he sent you off to Harvard, then he flew you home for Christmas, which I'm sure made for very unpleasant --
Antonio: Oh, please-
Javier: You know what my father would have done? How badly he would've beaten me? I had to wait years to come out to my family. I had to wait until I could kick my father's ass. On the day I told him, I did, my father, who I love. Look, I'm sorry that I broke our deal and that I got scared.

I'm not asking for your forgiveness, Carmen. Just your understanding. I can't imagine how my leaving would affect you kids, but I knew Lettie would raise you well. At the time, I thought better than I could.


Wayne: Hey, I think I told you boys, English when on the job. Joe! I'm so sorry, I, uh, you surprised me.
Joe: That's okay, Wayne. Your people never surprise me.

Veronica: Were you planning on telling me?
Michael: I'd like to t think that I don't have to. I'd like to think that my wife trusts me. Since we're on the topic what did you need the money for?
Veronica: It's my business.
Michael: And why is that?
Veronica: Simple, Michael. It's my money.

Promised Land Quotes

You think by putting on a collar God forgives you? I don't.

Lettie [to Ramos]

Joe: What's this?
Junior: Just Mexican rap.
Joe: It's just as bad as American rap.