Easy: Man gives one speech and wins an election.
VIolet: American politics is a dark place.

Madeline: I came here to tell you something, but I have a question for you first, and I'd like you to be honest with me.
Bellows: I always am.
Madeline: If you weren't running for Attorney General, would you have prosecuted me again?
Bellows: Yes. Now you said you came here to tell me something?
Madeline: I forgive you. All these years, I took it personally, but now I realize this is just who you are. You may have had a soul once, but it died with Rosemary.

Don't let the craziness the defense threw at you cloud your judgment. Madeline Scott killed her best friend. It's time for justice to be done.


We're gonna keep eagle eyes on him. Second Danielle screws up, we'll take her back to court.


Heather: I wasn't lying to you. Rosemary was my best friend too. I hated you for killing her.
Maddie: I believe you.

Heather: I really need to talk to you.
Madeline: About what?
Heather: I got one of those tapes too.

Judge: Mr. Scott, either answer the questions or your will be cited for contempt and jailed.
Levi: Jailed? Your Honor, do whatever you want to me. I will not answer questions from someone as corrupt and compromised as Gore Bellows.

Madeline: You know when Jim Jones started his cult in Guyana, he made his followers write confessions to crimes they didn't commit so that he'd always have control over them. Did something like that happen to you?
Sarah: It wasn't a letter. It was a video.

Reporter: How does it feel to know your brother betrayed you?
Madeline: How does it feel to know you're a two bit hack?
Easy: We have no comment.
Madeline: This is someone's real life you could be ruining, all for an extra half point on your crappy news show.

What do you fear most? For the wrongfully accused, it's hearing the word "guilty". That one little word can take away your precious freedom and condemn you to prison for the rest of your life.


Violet: That's a stretch.
Bodie: It's possible. That's all that matters.
Maddie: No. All that matters is if we can prove it.

Easy: Easy Bordeaux substituting for the petitioner's immigration representative, your Honor.
Judge: Are you here on other business, Mr. Bordeaux?
Easy: I am, but I'm stepping in here to bring some common sense back to this proceeding. Why are you asking a four-year-old whether he understands this proceeding? I move for the petitioner to be reunited with his parents.
Riley: That's against immigration policy.
Easy: Your Honor, that policy is nonsense.

Proven Innocent Quotes

Caleb: Coming here by yourself was a bad idea.
Madeline: People know I'm here. If you kill me, at least 100 more people will be coming. You can't kill your way out of this one.

Caleb: Harvey still up in Statesville?
Madeline: 27 years is a long time for a murder we both know he didn't commit, don't you think?