How is it that you two knobs are helping the police?

Esther [to Noah and Abel]

You need to stop sniffing around like a rat in a pantry and let me enjoy my daughter's wedding.

Anna [to Justina]

Go! Hit Taco Bell on your way there!

Estrada [to Orff]

Get your meat hooks off me, you skanky bitch!

Esther [to Val]

I learned it on the Google.


Another half-liter of white [wine] will buy you a map.

Esther [to Val]

Noah: Nay. There are men that want to kill you. I think the safest place for you to be right now is here [jail].
Anna: And I think you're a fool, but here we are.

Tina: So Momma didn't do anything wrong?
Noah: Her only mistake was marrying me.

The only one in my way now is Orff. He would see me coming. But he won't see you.

Estrada [to Isaak]

Once you get over the fighting and the swearing, some of the Auslander girls are kinda sweet.

Abel [to Noah]

Val: What makes your boss think I will take that?
Orff: Because I told him you will do whatever it takes to win.

The bosses are so excited. There's so many old white men in the conference room right now it looks like a Who reunion tour.

Winston [to Val]

Pure Quotes

Prostitute: Twenty bucks? That's all you got?
Bronco: Yeah. Sorry.

There was a boy. Find him.