I protected you! I protected you!

Joey [to Anna]

Bronco: Do you believe in God?
Phoebe: I do. But he can't do everything. That's why he created the police.

Bronco: Now that you're on suspension, you should soften up your edges just a little bit.
Phoebe: You are the most irritating man I've ever met.

Letting Gerry back in our business, letting him take over, this is dangerous.

Anna [to Joey]

You think I don't believe in God, but you're wrong. My god is terror, my god is death, for taking my family away from me like he did.

Eli [to Noah]

Noah: Salvation is for everyone.
Eli: Even me?
Noah: Yes, if you truly repent.

What about Ezekiel? You took him from Abel and handed him to Voss. Are you OK with that? Because I'm not.

Bronco [to Phoebe]

I will not be psychoanalyzed by a broken-down ex-jock hoping to get his job back.

Phoebe [to Bronco]

You wanted the big truck with the fog lights and the easy money, and this is how you pay for it.

Gerry [to Joey]

Yo. Look that up on the Google.

Isaac [to Ben]

So, do you see God in the eyes of your people, Noah Funk?

Eli [to Noah]

Tina: You go inside. I will talk to Isaac.
Anna: And what will you tell him?
Tina: The truth.

Pure Quotes

Prostitute: Twenty bucks? That's all you got?
Bronco: Yeah. Sorry.

There was a boy. Find him.