I have to be a spy, an assassin, and a traitor all at the same time. It's not easy.


My secret would be charm, wit, and chemical attraction.


What we do here is more than just locks and scanners and passwords. It's about people, so if you can't make people look the other way, you don't belong here. But if you can misdirect someone for a second, the right second, then you can commit an act of treason. That's exactly what you did today.


Alex: Anyone who thinks they can take the law into their own hands is nothing but a terrorist.
Carly: Except when it's you, right Alex? You can go rogue whenever you feel like it. The only difference between you and us is we're organized.

Leon: What did they do to you?
Dayana: I was lost. They found me.
Leon: They brainwashed you just like you were brainwashed as a child. You know, I care about you, Dayana, but I don't have to punish you. You're already doing it yourself.

Ryan, you're not working for the FBI anymore. You're working for her.


I fell for him, Nimah. I fell for a mark.