See you the next time the world explodes.


You stay at summer camp too long, and you end up regretting something.


Nimah: Look, all I wanted was to hear your voice. If something had happened to you...
Raina: Something DID happen to me, and I survived it without you. I don't need you, Nimah.
Nimah: And you need Alex.
Raina: I trust Alex.
Nimah: You can't trust me?
Raina: The person who used me at the G20, manipulated me, and lied to me?
Nimah: I'm still your sister, and you know very well who I am beneath my mistakes.
Raina: That's the problem.

The real America - two blond people arguing the merits of my freedom instead of letting me have it. The fact that this is even happening is an atrocity. We've learned nothing from history.


I'm not the man I wish I was.