What your father had to do, what everyone in this life is forced to do…look at me…you can never come back from. Whoever you thought you were, that dies. You don’t want this.

Teresa [to Tony]

I’d love to think that that hurricane you came in with was all about my undeniable sex appeal, unfortunately for my ego, I know better.


Teresa: I’ve lived most of my life running from my past.
Eddie: That’s not living, that’s surviving.

She told me that Santeria was created when the slave masters would force their slaves to practice Christianity, so the slaves banded together and created their own secret religion so they could keep their own faith. Mi tia survived life in Culiacán, she survived cancer. Dumas men fired at me at point blank range. A bullet went right through my jacket and didn’t even touch me.


Teresa: I thought we would be safe here.
Pote: Building this business with decency has never been done. They see a soft heart and they think weakness.
Teresa: Do you think it’s weakness?
Pote: I think it’s courage but I also know that you will have to change to become the person that you’re supposed to be.
Teresa: What if that person scares me?

Javier: Are we crazy to want something different in this life?
Teresa: I don’t know.

Javier: I’ll answer to Teresa not you, cabron.
Pote: No, pendejo, you answer to me. I brought you here from Mexico. I trusted you with her. Don’t make me regret that.

Give me a job, I just can’t sit around here. Put me to work, please.


George: Before I forget, I want to say thanks.
Birdie: For what?
George: I was drowning, you threw me a line.

We killed an innocent man because of you. There’s no way to make that right. You put everything we’ve built here at risk. Do you understand that?


Bury Bobby. Put Boaz on a plane back to Mexico. If you want to behave like him, get on the plane with him.


Tony: My Dad started working in the cartel when he was 14. I’m 15.
Pote: And look how well that turned out for him.

Queen of the South Quotes

I want you to know that killing you is an honor for me. That's why I chose to kill you the way you killed La Mancha. That's what I call killing with class, with elegance. The end of your days, my friend.


I checked the car for GPS trackers. It's clean, for now. There's an old saying, the fish only sees the bait, never the hook. I know you lied to me about your car overheating, Teresita. Whatever you're hiding, it better be worth it.