Campaign Manager: You know what you have to do.
Epifanio: Yes, I know. Kill my wife. If only I could find her.

Cesar: You're getting to the point of no return, Camila.
Camila: No Cesar, I reached that point long ago.

It's okay to be scared. The way things have been going, you should be.


Diplomacy breeds lies. It breeds deception. You cannot tell people what you really think if you are being diplomatic. And you're right, my husband is much better at it than I am.


We stay, we die. We go, we still have a chance.


Birdman: Who are you?
Brenda: I'm the person who's going to make your day.

Camila: I will protect you.
Teresa: I don't want to be protected.

Gotta do what you gotta do.


You took everything from me and kept me on a leash.


Epifanio: Why is this the only place we are ever totally honest with one another?
Camila: I don’t know. May have something to do with the fact that we're naked.

Loss can change a lot of things.


I've been walking around that ego for 25 years. It's like a bad road that you learn to know all the bumps.


Queen of the South Quotes

James: I guess it could be worse.
Teresa: We're headed to prison.
James: In Malta. They serve french bread. They teach yoga.
Teresa: Are you kidding?
James: No, I saw it on CNN. Top ten places to do time, Malta was number four.
Teresa: What was number one?
James: Sweden. Prisons are like IKEA stores.

Remember, in revenge as well as love, a woman is more barbaric than any man. We're the same. Never forget that.