You, Ralph Angel, are more than you know. You and your sisters are the moon and the sky and the stars to me, each of you. But this land is yours. Whatever has happened, whatever you've done in the past, don't ever forget that you are better than you think. You're smarter than you think. You are stronger than you think. Take this land, build a home here, build a family for you and Blue here. Build our cane here stalk by stalk. Build a good life here, Ralph Angel, so that when you get to the end you can look back and be proud of your days on this earth, on this land. It's all yours son. Do right, I know you can. Until we meet again, Pops.


I loved you so much. I gave you every ounce of everything inside of me. Every dream. Everything. You were the world and every star in the sky to me, unconditionally, and now you're one of those men, too old to be out playing the field but don't even know it. Thinking you're cool while everyone is quietly laughing behind your back. It didn't have to be this way. We all make our choices, don't we?


We want to win for all those who lost. For all the people who came before us who struggled and strained so we could be here right now making this decision, making it better. It's our turn to try. They risked for us, why can't we do the same?


And if you ever violate a woman again, Felix Evans, I swear to God you'll have hell to pay. I will personally see to it.


Charley: Whatever's happened between us, two things are sure: you'll always be Micah's father and I'll always be your biggest fan.

Crazy is in the eye of the beholder, but we can let the police and the press help you figure that out.


Charley: We can't play it small. This is exactly what daddy wanted.
Ralph Angel: You're wrong. Everybody ain't playing games like you, Charley. Pops wanted to live on his own two feet. He wanted to work his land and bring in enough so he could do it again the next year. He wasn't trying to build no empire. Don't put this on him. This is all about you.

It's not about her respecting you. Respect yourself.


I can't handle being broken again. I miss you, but I can't share you anymore. I need to move on and you're not mine to have.


I paid $139 for expedited service. Where I come from, expedited means faster than your normal slow-ass service.


Then you did stand me up, and let me tell you something; I'm looking pretty fine if I do say so myself.


Ralph Angel: Maybe you played this all wrong.
Hollywood: I didn't play it right, that's for damn sure.

Queen Sugar Season 1 Quotes

The players who got caught with the girl are just kids, coming straight out of high school. No home training, no life skills. We hand them millions of dollars and then say good luck. They marry riffraff. They live wild, now they're messing up our livelihood.


Nova: Be good.
Calvin: I won't tell you the same.
Nova: You know better.