Ben: This country is not yours to take.
Crowley: I already took it.

You said Jo Madi was honest, so I gave her some information to prove what was going on, and I, I asked her to arrest you, to take you off the street so you could be safe.


Ben: What the blue bloody fuck was that?!
John: Yeah, sorry about that.
Ben: I suppose you kept me in the dark because you felt up to now you couldn't trust me, yes?
John: No, I was playing the narrative to the bitter end, just like you taught me. Besides, you've got him now. He's all yours.
Ben: [receives a gun from badass] John, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.
John: Well, that's kind of sad, Dad. But you're welcome.

John: My father used to try and tell me that the people who you cared about most will be your greatest weakness. If someone was coming after you, they'd be the way in.
Crowley: You should have listened to your father.
John: Now, that's not the first time I ever heard that. Now you've got 'em, and there's nothing I can do about it. You've been waiting for this for a long time, and I'm in no position to beg or ask, but I would be really grateful if you would consider letting my ex-wife go. She's not a part of this.
Crowley: I'm not letting her go. She obviously still means something to you, and that's the point.
John: She doesn't know anything.
Crowley: What is your play here? Wasting time? For what, exactly? It's over.
John: My wife left me because she was kidnapped by one of my competitors. They threatened to kill her if I didn't do everything that they asked. They even sent me part of her finger to make their point.
Ben: The fuck's he saying? What's he on about?
John: So I had to hire a pro to get her back. A real badass. And it worked, but she never talked to me again.
Crowley: None of this matters.
John: You may be right about that. You see, 'cause the woman you've got isn't my ex-wife. She's the person I sent in to get her, so good luck with that, motherfucker.

Everything's a lie. My, my marriage. My death. Even me being alive. It's all made up. I don't know what's real. I killed someone.


He'll build the country he's always wanted, ruled over by a privileged few. And create a permanent underclass. Women in the home, homosexuals in the closet, or better still, buried in the ground. It's a world of a hundred years ago, this world. God help us all.


Hailey: Really? You accused Ben of saying he wanted the Data Act to pass.
John: I know.
Hailey: He never said that!
John: I know. But in my mind, there's a version of him that did.
Hailey: What?
John: It's how my mind works. It's complicated. If I can't find a rational explanation for what's happening around me, my mind just starts to visualize every other possible scenario until it finds the most logical one. But every now and then, I can't control it. Miles knew how to pull me out. He knew what to say. But he's not here right now, so I'm having a little difficult time knowing what's really real.

Boss: Agent Madi, this, this file, this case. This is a real game-changer.
Madi: Thank you, sir.
Boss: You can write the script for the rest of your career with this. So I guess my only question for you is, what can I offer you to make you forget this file ever existed?
Madi: Well, I thought you'd never ask. I'd like my old job back in the criminal division. And I'd like to be made the head of the task force that's tracking down John Weir.

Hailey: You're not yourself right now. You're paranoid.
John: No. Paranoid is delusional. What I'm dealing with? Not delusional.

No more apologizing. Just tell me that we're going to work together to stop this mother fucker once and for all.


Well, can you do it, Weir? You obviously have a very talented team.

Senator Evers

John: The weakest element of any system is always going to be the human element. All you need is this [holds up a pen].
Hailey: A pen.
John: An infrared laser pointer, invisible to the naked eye.

Rabbit Hole Quotes

Hailey: Hey, asshole. If you really thought I was going to blackmail you, why'd you sleep with me?
John: You're kidding, right?

Hailey: My hotel's right across the street.
John: Well, that's convenient. I hope you have a good night's sleep. Oh, wait a second. I see what you're saying. OK, just this once. Bartender! Can you please bring me the bill as fast as humanly possible?