Mickey's going to turn you in. He's a rat.


Therapy: So, this is our last session.
Ray: Yeah.
Therapist: How does that make you feel?
Ray: I don't know. I guess I'm glad to be putting my probation behind me.

You're a severely traumatized person, Ray. You blame yourself for the trauma inflicted on you by others.


Daryll: Ray, I don't think I can do this.
Ray: No?
Daryll: He's our father man.
Ray: And?
Darryl: And? I'm going to go down to the police station and tell the truth.

Ray's going to come looking for you. Don't talk to him.


Maureen: Ray... Ray!
Ray: What?
Maureen: Bridget's in jail.

Ray: What did you do?
Mickey: Calm down.
Ray: What did you fucking do?
Mickey: You have to kill me, Raymond.

Ray: Frank Barnes. He's dead.
Detective: Give me the body. Tell me who did it.

Ray: You just had a bullet taken out of your shoulder, Bunch.
Bunchy: So fucking what? I'll be alright.

Daryll: Pa, go do your thing, I'll be right here.
Mickey: Four Leafs. Back me up.

Terry: Jesus, what a mess. Come on, let's take you home.
Bunchy: I'm not going home.
Terry: What?
Bunchy: I'm going to get my money.
Terry: Bunch!
Bunchy: I'm going to get my fucking money!

Listen to me, the next time you leave the office, and you don't turn off my computer, and you don't lock my door will be the last fucking time you ever leave an office in the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, or Ventura area.


Ray Donovan Quotes

Mickey: I got a good one for ya.
Bunchy: Dad, don't.
Stan: It's alright.
Mickey: What's the difference between acne and a priest? Acne waits until a boy's 14 to come on his face.

Who lives in Calabasas anyway? Sinbad, Howie Mandel? Jesus Ray.