I came to America as a girl. But because of you I leave it as a woman who has discovered both her sexuality and her ability to manage an extended-stay hotel.


I talked to your dad already, and once he gets tired of beating me, we can eventually be happy together, you and me


Something good happened here today, boys. The geek escaped from Hell. Geek banged a cougar. Geek walks away a little less of a geek. And we helped. Looks like we're his fairy bone-mothers. That is a nice feeling


Sam: Well you'd better start connecting physically quick, because I've got a feeling you're running out of time.
Billy: I can't rush it, dude. It's not just about me. It's about Cindy's pleasure too. It says so right on the condom box

Nina: Can I tell you a secret?
Ben: Of course.
Nina: Okay. A long time ago, I had hemophobia.
Ben: That ain't right. My cousin's gay.
Nina: No, hemophobia. It's the fear of blood.
Ben: Well, you love blood.
Nina: I know. See, that's what's crazy. I just had to confront my fears. I immersed myself in it, and once I did that it was great, I loved it. And now I can bathe in it every single day.
Ben: That's... nice for you

Sam: Maybe Hell will think it's a mix-up. If not, we got to send Billy back.
Sock: Eh. Either way we get to enjoy the night air and desecrate a cemetery

Ben: Tomorrow night for our special anniversary, you and me, we're flying to the moon.
Nina: Baby, you would suffocate and freeze before we got there

Sam: It's a work problem. It's just.. it's for my other job.
Andi: Oh, well, can't Sock or Ben do it?
Sam: Well, this problem really needs somebody who's... smart.
Andi: Oh. I can see your dilemma

You know, in the old days I used to get the souls that ate shrimp. Can you imagine how unsatisfying that was?


Nina: You know what, there is something that I want to do. It's something that's really important to me. I think it will take our relationship to the next level.
Ben: Reverse cowgirl?

Ben: Hey. Guess what Saturday is. Our two-month anniversary.
Nina: You're right. Wow, two months ago I kidnapped you and forced you to be my boyfriend.
Ben: Oh, the details don't matter. What matters is I want to do something special for our occasion. Anything you want to do, okay? Unless it involves sacrificing an animal.
Nina: Oh.
Ben: But anything else, I'm in

Ben: Could you put some on clothes, please?
Sock: I'm too upset for clothes

Reaper Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Ben: Could you put some on clothes, please?
Sock: I'm too upset for clothes

Kristen: My father cannot know I date my stepbrother.
Sock: All right, sure, look, he'll be shocked at first. Yeah, so is the father of every girl I've ever dated, all right? But eventually, I promise you, he will settle into a nice, grudging acceptance