Finley: Are you really better?
Emma: I'm trying to be.

Kara: I will take your transformer leg and hit you over your patchy skull. Now kick the damn ball.
Leo: Have you ever thought of being a motivational speaker? It could be your calling.

Asking Nurse Jackson would defeat the purpose of a ditch day on every possible level.


Despite the bunk liver and the life threatening illness, I'm the picture of health.


Smart and pretty. Bring those babies up to a C cup and you could be a triple threat.


Kara: You think I'm wrong?
Leo: I think no one's interested in listening to your crap today.

My job is to protect your heart, Kara, in every possible way.

Nurse Jackson

Go ahead, slut shame me all you want but I'm not the one lying to my boyfriend on a daily basis. How real can your relationship be if it's based on a lie.


Maybe that's the reason I got cancer in the first place, so my dream can finally come true.


I am not about to waste my vagazzaling on the Make a Wish foundation.


Does stupidity run in your family?

Nurse Jackson

Well if I'm gonna have a heart attack and die it may as well be during sex.


Red Band Society Quotes

The barista was one of those home-schooled types. I wasn't sure he could spell scary without an e but he managed.

Nurse Jackson

Everyone has two stories. The one they want you to know and the one they don't.