Harry: Unless you know someone who has been in contact with other aliens, then I am, what is the expression? Shit out of luck. Mmmwah haha.
Sahar: If you don't stop using that kind of language around us, we're going to have to wash your mouth out with soap.
Harry: Go ahead. I like soap. I eat it all the time! Shit, ass, piss, dink. Where's the soap. I am so hungry.

Harry: You are so pushy.
Sahar: Oh, it looks like aliens are also put off by strong women. Get used to it. We aren't going anywhere.

Louis: Your relationship with Liv reminds me of me and your mom before she up and left me.
Mike: You mean when she DIED?
Louis: I'll never forgive her for that.

Asta: Wait a minute. How did his wife not know you were an imposter?
Harry: Some people only see what they want to see. She saw every part of me, but she never knew.
Asta: Wait. Did you have SEX with her?
Harry: To be accurate, she had sex with me, on me, at me, in front of me.
Asta: Oh, Harry!
Harry: She made me watch.

No, she is not pregnant. She would have begun to emit a sulfuric scent and then split open with hundreds of babies. She remained whole.


Harry: My people shed their skin in one piece. That way, it is easier to eat.
Asta: Gross.
Harry: YOU are gross!

Asta: So what you said about your wife dying was true, then?
Harry: We do not have genders like you humans. I had a mate who died bearing our offspring.
Asta: I'm sorry.
Harry: There is nothing to be sorry about. The birthing death is inevitable. My people do not feel sadness [voice cracking].
Asta: Are you sure about that?
Harry: Once I assumed this body, I began feeling all sorts of things I have never felt. I don't want to talk about it!

Asta: Tell me about your planet. What's it like?
Harry: It is magnificent and brutal like my people.
Asta: You know, some native people talk about connections to beings from the stars.
Harry: We have been coming here for thousands of years, guiding humans. Stonehenge, the pyramids, and long before that.
Asta: So you're here to help us.
Harry: We have always tried to help. Your people welcomed us for thousands of years, but then something changed. Humans became more fearful of us, of each other.

Asta: Who are you?
Harry: Harry.
Asta: No, no, no, no. Half your face is all wrong.
Harry: Offensive?

I had 342 children, and I never worried about any of them. Now, I cannot stop thinking about number 62. It had my eyes.


Asta: What's happening to you?
Harry: Bee sting.
Asta: We're inside a glacier.
Harry: Snow bees. I'm allergic to the sting of snow bees and ice hornets. It's bad.

Asta: Well, all we know about aliens is from movies, so it's either a radio to phone home or you're here to kill us and eat us.
Harry: [chuckles] We do not eat humans. HA HA HA!

Resident Alien Season 1 Quotes

Max: At least you're OK.
Harry: If Asta wasn't there, I would be dead. Except now, she knows the truth about me.
Max: You told her?! I thought this whole alien thing was our secret.
Harry: It stopped being a secret when you told your little friend over there in the head covering!
Max: She must have followed me. Don't worry. She's not going to tell anyone. She swore to Allah.
Max: Allah knows?! How many people have you told?!

[after his first kiss with D'Arcy] Ah! It's rigor mortis! My penis is dying!