How was I supposed to know he was undercover. It's a compliment, isn't it?

Andy McNally

You'd make a really good cop.

Andy McNally

You know, the one right near where you tried to tackle me, kiss me?

Officer Swarek

Andy McNally: Maybe you can act like a cop for five minutes.
Officer Swarek: You've only been a cop for five minutes.

Look, rook, sometimes you have to give a little to get a little.

Officer Best

Fake it 'till we make it.

Andy McNally

Staff Sgt. Boyko: It's not rocket science.
Dov Epstein: It's some kind of science.

Traci Nash: Just follow you in, right? Gun in, gun out?
Officer Williams: Really?

Don't shoot me in the back.

Officer Shaw

People can smell new cops like they can smell fresh meat.

Officer Shaw

Great, I get 'Jenny from the block.'

Officer Williams

Serve, protect and don't screw up.

Staff Sgt. Boyko

Rookie Blue Quotes

That's not your job anymore.


You didn't want to fight this battle but you still need to win it.