That lawyer's suit is worth more than my car.


I swear this job attracts power tripping, insecure, control freaks.


Oliver: I've got something I want to run by you. Something personal.
Sam: I say go for it brother. Shave that back.

Gail: You're quiet.
Andy: So arrest me.

Gail: You want me to call wheel transport?
Dov: No, I'll just take your broomstick.

Any cute boys in horse camp?


Hey, nobody exploded. For me that's a pretty good night.


You should have known. You're a mom and kids are like little petri dishes of diseases.


Hey, near death, yellow tape. You, me. It's becoming a thing for us.


Protect your buddy. Let him spend your money while you die in jail.


Good strategy dating someone outside of your division. That way when it all goes to hell you won't have to see her face every day.


I really thought drunk guys puking on me would be over after high school.


Rookie Blue Season 2 Quotes

Andy: I'm fine, really.
Jo: How many times have you said that today?
Andy: A hundred.

Oliver: And the student becomes the master.
Noelle: I wouldn't go that far.