I'm guessing you got a dye pack in the face. One of the many hazards of robbing a bank.


Epstein, you're the dumbass and Peck. Blonde, pretty, lots of makeup. Total nerd bait.


Gail, go get the others. Det. Rosati would like to share something with the class.


I'm the one that got away. If you want me to stay in this story you might want to figure this out.


Gail: Space is for losers.
Andy: Well, yeah maybe so. Now get out of mine.

What, you want to talk to the fence?


Dov: If my mom was superintendent, I'd be detective by now.
Gail: If my mom was your mom, you'd be gay.

I guess we now know how to make the demon flee. Speak the name of thy life giver.


Gail: She kept calling you Craig.
Chris: Craig's a great name.

Andy: What are you guys doing?
Chris: Oh just cleaning the place a bit. Trying to make it look a little less, you know, murdery.

I like the idea of being a horse cop. Its kind of like being a cowboy.


Sue: Then you and me are going to grab a cup of coffee and you're going to tell me how a guy named Dov ended up as a police officer.
Dov: It's actually Hebrew for bear. It's a really manly name.

Rookie Blue Season 2 Quotes

Andy: I'm fine, really.
Jo: How many times have you said that today?
Andy: A hundred.

Oliver: And the student becomes the master.
Noelle: I wouldn't go that far.