Luke: My physical is in six days. I'm still two minutes slower than I was last month.
Andy: Yeah, well you didn't have three belly buttons last month, did you?

Dov: Swarek. So awesome. He's like a method cop.
Traci: Aw. You got a little man crush, Dov?

Traci: Dex packed his bags. Said he didn't want to live a lie anymore.
Andy: Drama queen. Him, not you.

Noelle: What's going on with him?
Dov: Bee sting.
Noelle: Well ain't karma a bitch.

Sam: Time and space, McNally. You said it yourself, none of us are experts.
Andy: Well, except you. Time and space and you're a bona fide savant.
Sam: I'm there when it matters.

Oliver: They're going to get her out of there. Sam, these guys know what they're doing.
Sam: I know.
Oliver: Good. And when she's out... might be a good time to talk to her.
Sam: About what?
Oliver: About... I don't know... whatever.

Andy: So what, you love something you set it free?
Jo: Not me. Me I like to keep the things I love close. Hold them in a death grip and never let them go.

Jo: We sure she's guilty?
Traci: Well four garage fires and now the laundromat all within two miles of her school plus the arson for dummies kit in her knapsack.

Oliver: I kind of wish it had burned to the ground.
Andy: Why, an easier investigation?
Oliver: No, we just wouldn't have to spend all day with the hose monkeys.

Gail: I would talk to him but you know since I...what's the word, I think it's humiliated Officer Epstein in Death Domain last night.
Noelle: I can respect that. Espstein, all yours.

Seriously, do I look like a tulip guy to you?


Andy: What did the super say?
Sam: Quiet, keeps to himself, pays his rent on time. Typical psycho stuff.

Rookie Blue Season 2 Quotes

Andy: I'm fine, really.
Jo: How many times have you said that today?
Andy: A hundred.

Oliver: And the student becomes the master.
Noelle: I wouldn't go that far.