I have to prove that I'm not some tragic little girl who can't take handle herself.


Traci: Who's Mills?
Luke: The one they send in when they're going to throw someone under the bus.

You're an idiot and if you don't figure that out soon you're going to lose Andy for good. Take it from me.


Ten simple rules. What are they going to think when you break number six?


Whoa, whoa, don't look at me. I am not too good for anything.


No fire bombs or gunshots in the last hour and a half. Things are looking up.


Crystal: Judging from that banging sound, there's a ghost in my closet.
Dov: That's good news. You'll never be lonely.

One honest conversation with this guy I could probably close 18 cases.


I almost forgot how hard it was.


Nick: Rule #3: Do not talk to your ex for sixty days. Oof. Good thing you guys don't work together.

People stay together. People break up. Whatever.


He was a good man and a good cop and I never got to tell him that.