My mother is throwing her life away for a murderer.


Pippy: You guys have been keeping this from me?
TMI: You exactly wasn't around.

Hornstock: I need to tell you something.
Sophie: You're not Captain anymore?
Hornstock: You knew?
Sophie: I kind of figured it out.

My dad believed I would do great things. I guess I'll have to prove him right.


I don't want to be a glorified lifeguard anymore.


Can I ask you a personal question? Are you and this doctor more than partners?


Gerald: I need you to move on.
Donna: Gerald, I need you to believe in yourself as much as I do.

Yo ho. Yo ho, a pathologist life for me.


Rosewood: X marks the spot.
Villa: Oh, you just had to say it.
Rosewood: Oh! I had to say it.

I know how I feel, I just don't know about her.


Villa: We just hot to find a soft spot.
Rosewood: You're looking at a man hardened by the sea. He's a real treasure hunter.

Rosewood: Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. Pirates...
Villa: Don't say booties.
Rosewood: What's wrong with booties?

Rosewood Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Carl: You don' think this was an accident?
Rosewood: Accidents don't cause handprints.

Wait, you didn't tell her about the whole demotion thing?