Maybe today is your last day, Max. Maybe it's mine, too. But if that's true, we can't walk away from the tough conversations with the people who love us.


Liz: I'm afraid I'm gonna lose Max. Just as I finally found him again.
Kyle: You have every right to be freaked out about saving Max.
Liz: I do but not to retreat to the lab when I should have spoken to him about everything that's unfolding. Kyle, our track record is garbage when we're not on the same page.

Michael: What if I have to kill my own father? You gonna love me then? Am I still gonna love myself? That self-loathing is what caused this mess between us for fifteen years. What's winning gonna do? Is it gonna set us right back to square one? Are we gonna be able to survive that war again if it does?
Alex: No, listen to me. We are not who we were in high school. Let alone a year ago. We already defeated one monstrous father, and we will do it again.

Max: I am here to beg you to do what I may not be strong enough to do. Kill me to stop Jones.
Michael: We agreed kamikaze Max isn't on the table.
Max: No, Liz and Isobel didn't want to hear it.
Michael: We have a plan to kill him.
Max: And he's had a plan since 1947 to fix his genetics and get off this rock. We can't let him go start cloning himself again. And I am just afraid, that when things turn bad, I'm gonna look at Liz, and I'm not gonna be ready to walk away.
Michael: Grow up, Max!

Max: So, you're sure this is gonna swap me and Jones?
Michael: Uh, 92% sure.
Max: What about the other 8%?
Michael: Blind faith. But I am technically a genius.

Kyle: Do I have a medical team available?
Eduardo: I gave everyone a mental health day rather than sending a memo that aliens exist.
Kyle: Fair point.

Jones: I understand why you hold Nora in such high regard, but those placed on pedestals are bound to fall.
Michael: You get my mother's name out of your damn mouth.

Dallas: Is there any way I can skip the rest of this awkward family reunion?
Jones: Family? These people barely see you as a friend. You're the cosmic MacGuffin to them. They just want the equation that's in your head.
Isobel: That's not true, Dallas.
Dallas: I have heard way worse in reddit threads.

Alex: So, wait are you afraid that you're gonna lose your purpose if you're not their savior anymore? Max, your siblings don't love what you can do for them. They love you.
Max: What about Liz? I mean she fell in love with an alien. I mean, what happens when I'm no longer the secret to the universe.
Alex: Well, I mean you're not built for just one thing. You're not just an alien. You're not just a brother. You're not just a clone. You're Max Evans. No matter what form that takes.

So, shall we take a vote on who dies if Liz doesn't mend my genetics? Or shall I just pick at random?


Maria: Oh my God. Am I wasting my psychic powers just to find out that you're in love with Isobel?
Kyle: Eh, love, is a, you know it's more an admire. When, um. Okay. I like her.

Max: So you revert to faith. I'll stick to facts, okay. You may have gotten a glimpse of what Jones' is, but I am living it. He is wearing my face, wearing my uniform, luring people in to hurt them. And now if I'm the other side of this coin, doesn't that implicitly make me my brother's keeper?
Dallas: What are you getting at?
Max: The science that your dad helped create, it says that if I die, Jones dies too, right?
Dallas: Yeah.
Max: I don't want to, but it's gotta be a sin to not act when I know I could save millions of lives. Or at the very least make sure the people that I love are safe.