Kyle: What is it about him that allows you to cross the space-time continuum into Theo's upside down?
Maria: Dallas makes me feel safe.
Kyle: Could be something to build on. If he's standing right beside you, maybe you could focus your sight elsewhere.

Max: Hey. I wasn't sure you'd come.
Liz: We are way past skipping town.

Max: I love you, Liz. You don't know how much.
Liz: Yeah, I do. Cause I'm gonna feel it across the universe, Max Evans.

I've been so clear on what path I should follow until today. Now, you have me wondering is there another path I should be taking. The thing is I can't start something else until I know who I am.

Dallas [to Maria]

Allie: You created a whole branch of science to save someone. I'm guessing you love them deeply.
Liz: Yeah, I do. And that fine line you described between determination and obsession hasn't always been kind to me.

Michael: You know what I just realized? I married my high school sweetheart.
Alex: Here I am just thinking about the future. I can't wait to sign my first check; Alex Guerin.
Michael: Guerin?
Alex: Never been much of a Manes man, you know?

Isobel: So, uh. What do we do now?
Michael: I got an idea. Who wants to go to a wedding?

Liz: Since when have you two been a thing?
Isobel: You know, Liz, it's been a long time coming.

Not bad for a clone.


Alex: Listen to me, you're letting your emotions get the best of you again. Don't let me die without marrying you.
Michael: My vow is to not let you die, period.

Tezca: What fuels you, Max?
Max: Liz.
Tezca: Then think about her.

Liz: You are going to master this.
Max: What if I can't? What if next time I kiss you, I lose control?
Liz: No, because Max, you are stronger than you think you are.