The Sentinel: Perhaps you're right; I should know more about humanity. But truth be told, my head aches.
Cotton: That's called a hangover. What you need is a hair of the hound that bit you.
The Sentinel: No hound bit me, and I don't eat hounds or their hair.
Cotton: Well, it's an expression. A metaphor. You see, another thing you don't understand about us is that we often times say one thing to mean another. We use nonsense to make sense.
The Sentinel: You're right, I don't understand and you're making my headache worse.

Thomas: Could I offer you food or a drink?
The Sentinel: I have no taste for food but drink, I like. It briefly restores loss of wings.
Thomas: Try this.
[They drink]
The Sentinel: [Gasps]
Thomas: Gin.
The Sentinel: It burns...I like it.

Marriage. Marriage is an honorable estate not entered into lightly. Soberly, in the fear of God. Lovers...lovers may be lunatics, and lovers may be beyond the reach of reason and law. True lovers...true lovers do not desire only love. They desire...they desire marriage. For if their love is the truest and noblest love conceivable, those lovers are only relieved by both being happy slaves to one another. You may now kiss the bride.


John: Tell me you don't enjoy his touch.
Mary: I cannot command my body, but my heart felt nothing. It curdled inside me every time he touched me. And I had to endure it and beg for more. Why? For us, John. Are you really as dense as he says you are?! The only reason I'm going to Tituba is to learn about the weapon; she's a Seer. If she knows a way to stop this...this bomb, we won't need Sebastian and I can cease this charade once and for all.
John: Even after he protected you in that house, you don't feel any fondness or affection for him?
Mary: Not a drop.

I would've liked one more orange.

The Sentinel

Sebastian: No kiss goodnight?
Mary: I hate you!
Sebastian: You cannot deny it was good.
Mary: And that is precisely why I hate you!
[Kisses passionately]
Sebastian: If that is what your hatred tastes like, I look forward to your love.
Mary: Do they make love in hell? Because surely as the sun is near rising, the boy will see you there before he lets me go.

Mercy: You'll owe me for cleaning up your mess...and congratulations.
Anne: What?
Mercy: I sense a yawning emptiness in her womb. All is fair in love and war, if there's really any difference.

Dark Lord: You think a few rotten vines can hold me?
Essex Elder: Once, you were the source of Mary's power. Not anymore! Now it will be OUR power coursing through our sister. You've never understood the real meaning of sacrifice nor its power. No one may sacrifice another...only themselves.

Anne: Mercy?
Mercy: In the flesh.
Anne: But what are you doing here?
Mercy: You know what they say, "The only women in this world with any real powers are whores and widows."
Anne: So, you became a whore?
Mercy: Give it time...I may yet become a widow.

Anne: Your bastard child would've been born out of wedlock and Cotton would have had no choice but to turn his back; deny his upstanding name to both of you. So you see, this is for the best for everyone.
Gloriana: You stole the life from inside me. God will strike you...
Anne: God will see one of his kind creatures saving another!
Gloriana: Lie for your own ear's sake. But you and I both know what kind of creature you truly are!

Trust me, Gloriana. This baby is as important to me as it is to you.


John: The so different.
Mary: For the first time since we were parted, you were kissing me, not Mary the witch.

Salem Quotes

Married on Wednesday. Bedded on Thursday. Sickened on Friday. Died on Saturday. Buried on Sunday. Every end must have its beginning, and some of us have been awaiting this beginning of the end for a very long time. And now it is here, this Sunday will at last be "Black Sunday".

Dark Lord

Dark Lord: I could've killed you, or wiped your memory and left you a blank state. Then you wouldn't have remembered who I am: your son.
Mary: I remember you and I hate you!
Dark Lord: Hate is just a shadow of love; where there is one, the other is sure to follow. And there is nothing more powerful than the two combined.