Neil: I was terrified that if we talked, I mean really talked, that everything we were would end.
Grace: And now look at us.
Neil: I'm still hoping we find our way back.
Grace: That is all I ever wanted. Simon was just a door for me to try and find this part of myself so I could come back into our marriage and fight for us. But now it's over. So. [They kiss passionately] Let's just not make this messier than it is. [She leaves]

Life is unpredictable. It would be a crime not to take advantage of it while you can.


[chugs a beer] Ahhh. I hate vegans.


Simon: You went through my stuff?
Grace: After your stepmother came by.

Adriana: It's been my experience that when things explode, people land where they were meant to land. You needed to be free, darling. Free of all the secrets, the lies. Now you can truly have anything that you want.
Neil: I want Grace! I want my life back!
Adriana: I'm not so sure. You had you're wife, Neil. Apparently, she wasn't enough.

Neil: I'm sorry, but you're going to have to know the whole truth at some point.
Grace: There's more? You jeopardize the whole family and then you bring this bitch back into our house?
Neil: She has a lot more to lose than we do if this goes public.
Grace: If what goes public? The fact that you're an escort?
Neil: Look, I don't know about you, but I learned something about myself and what was lacking in our marriage. I'd do something different with you, and you'd look at me like I had an effect on you again.
Grace: You're trying to tell me that screwing other women for money made you a better husband.
Neil: I was different. And you with Simon. You were different. Are you going to deny it?

You pimp out my husband and then you hire me to decorate your house? What kind of monster are you?!


Neil: We need to talk.
Grace: Is this about Simon...
Neil: I don't give a shit about him. Grace!
Grace: What?
Neil: Daniel's wife paid me to have sex with her. She's not the only one either.
Grace: What?
Neil: After I saw you with Simon that day, I got ahold of his phone, access to his clients, and I experimented.
Grace: You experimented? Experimented with what?
Neil: Being a paid escort.
Grace: Are you joking? Is this a joke?
Neil: Look. If all of this comes out right now, then other people will be dragged into this, and we'll be at a huge risk. I had to take precautions.

There is no result that we can offer our customers that will meet their expectations. And they know that; at least the rational ones do. Our customers won't be paying for the results we can provide, they'll be paying for the moment before the results. Like, like when you catch a girl's eye in a crowded room, and she sees you, and you cross to her and you know she sees you coming. It's that second, right before you say hello, when all there is is possibility and that possibility is perfect. And then she speaks and you realize she's more than perfect, she's French.


Impressing me comes very naturally to you.


Some things are just too beautiful to go a lifetime in the hands of one man.


Fisher: Did I screw up?
Adriana: You were coming next week.
Fisher: Surprise!
Adriana: Asshole.

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I don't know what to say because I hate this job. None of what I do really matters. I don't even get to see what I'm trading on a daily basis, it's just numbers on a screen. It's not real. We don't contribute anything to the world in any meaningful way. We just hoard money, and I always thought you were an asshole for making that a virtue.


I think the problem is I need to feel more right now, not less.