Sly: You came.
Cabe: Sure did, kid. I couldn't let my friend go into battle without me.

Walter: Wedding partners in crime?
Paige: Deal. It might require a few late nights and some weekends.
Walter: Whatever it takes. I do not need Happy Quinn mad at me.

Like it or not, you have a funny way of growing on people, old man.


Toby: Happy, come on. Come on, say something.
Happy: Don't ever electrocute me again.
Toby: Oh she's fine.

Toby: I am not risking electrocuting my fiancé!
Paige: I'm still here too!
Toby: Or electrocuting Paige! My bad.

Paige: I don't need you to tell me that I'm not as smart as you guys. I am painfully aware of it every day. Every invention that I don't understand, every formula I can't solve, every reference I don't get.
Happy: Like MIT students trying to follow a Jeffrey Hoffman lecture.
Paige: See I have no idea what you are talking about, but even if I can't keep up, I thought I at least measured up as a valued team member, as a friend, but I guess you just always saw me as an inferior.
Happy: Paige, that is not correct.
Paige: Oh, surprise, another thing I got wrong.

Hey! It's working! The wedding is still on. You can't get rid of me that easy, Quinn.


We're friends. Of course, we're friends. You're like the first non-genius I could ever stand.


Toby: Guys, right now is not the best time for fighting. It's a very good time for teamwork though.
Happy: Quiet, Toby.
Toby: Yes, dear.
Walter: Sounds like you guys have been married for years.

Every 15 seconds we're two inches closer to splatter, and I don't want Ralph being raised by four lunatics, so get us down from here!


Happy: We're friends-ish.
Paige: [scoffs]
Happy: I like you just fine.
Paige: What a ringing endorsement.

Walter: Did he get the joke, Toby? It's the kind of humor that goes over well in toasts.
Cabe: That joke went over like a submarine. A best man's speech has got to have zingers.

Scorpion Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Thanks to the DOE for giving us another shot. We love turbines, really big get it? Fans?


Cabe: How about the fact that without my sage advice, he would have never landed this little filly?
Happy: Now I'm being compared to a horse?