I'm not sure I'm still a guy who paints.


I made one last monster bet. I'm gambling that a skinny, moderately good looking, pain in the neck like me could land someone like you. It's the biggest gamble of my life.


I swear I'm never going to gamble again, ever.


My vice is a virtue. I never need to change, and I owe an apology to no one.


Walter: My ego and my pride have always been my Achilles heel, and today I let a buffoon egg me into a contest instead of buying more time, which is what we needed.
Toby: He literally egged you on by claiming you laid eggs. That's funny.
Walter: I take back my apology as it pertains to you.

Well, Cabe, you were just trying to see the best in Mick when everyone else saw a criminal. Just like you saw the best in this team when everyone else just saw misfits. That is a really wonderful trial, and you don't have to apologize for it.


Truth is, no one changes, and I should've known that.


I am cleaning up, which is ironic because I'm giving away all my soap.


One other sad thing, you're still the best friend I've ever had.


Oh yeah, a head on collision with a bio-weapon in his car. This is ill advised.


Toby: Low pair's a bad hand.
Happy: I'm about to smack a bad hand into your low pair.

We just need to build a television studio.


Scorpion Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Paige: Look, you are learning your way through a new romance. Before Toby, what was your longest relationship?
Happy: I had an orbital sander for nine years.

He's sweating a lot like he swam here.