That's what people in relationships do. They try to take interest in one another's hobbies, even if it takes a little effort.


Walter: Now we're going to need three things to pull it off.
Toby: Gumption, spunk, and a little thing I like to call moxy.

Why do you guys always look so surprised when I know something?


I lived with Cabe for weeks. He used a cereal bowl to shave, but the ferret gets creature comforts.


Walter: Paige, I was very clear. I can't defend my position as Top Five of the World's Smartest Men while running around on TV like Scooby Boo.
Cabe: Scooby who?
Walter: The animated great dane with the speech impediment.
Paige: Maybe you could watch an episode while we work because god forbid you do anything you don't want to do.
Toby: Ruh roh.

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Ralph, no one wants to die by pumpkin.


Cabe: Don't move, scumbag!
Kidnapper: Barnaby?

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Toby: Are you sure about this?
Happy: No, but we need the password, and this is the fastest way to get it. Now, let's go.
Toby: Just read the note one more time.
Happy: [reading note] This is a robbery. Give us your server password, and no one gets hurt.
Toby: It's direct and clear. That's a good note.

Walter: It's morse code. It's Happy.
Richard Elia: How do you know?
Walter: Because the doorbell just said, "it's me, stupid."

Walter: Richard.
Richard Elia: Why is it every time you guys are around things turn to crap?

Someone is sitting where I sat yesterday, and I thought it was same seatsies.


What's with you guys and the acronyms?


Scorpion Quotes

Take that, you punks.


Sylvester: Are there any monkeys on the base?
Happy: Okay don't embarrass us in front of the marines.
Sylvester: They make me very uncomfortable. They are human like, and yet they still throw their feces.