Cabe: Well we can make an explosive.
Sly: That sounds dangerous.

Walter: Walter Gallo? What does that mean?
Toby: It means your psyche is having you mimic Cabe because you blame yourself for his arrest. You feel guilty he's not here, and now you're making him be here, and that fawn is going to die!
Walter: That's nonsense. I'm not channeling Cabe.
Toby: I'm sorry I couldn't hear over your sunglasses.

Toby: Walt, send this little girl to her womb.
[awkward silence]
Toby: Look, these are the jokes, folks.

All right team! It's time to order up a little womb service.


Walter: Paige, it's impossible.
Paige: Walter, if you ever want to see me naked again, you figure this out.
Walter: [pause] You heard her team! Let's save these deer!

Oscar Mike? Why are we following him towards the gunfire? Sunglasses don't mean he's Cabe!


Cabe: Scorpion is too important to risk for one man.
Ralph: Isn't it the Marines who say no man left behind?

Oh no, more poop?


Walter: You hesitated to release Collins. You knew it was breaking the law. I was the one who yelled at you to hurry and do it.
Cabe: When was the last time anybody convinced me to do something I didn't want to do?
Toby: Yesterday, when Walter got you to un-cuff Collins. Weren't you listening?

Sly: I already know what my new obituary will say: Sylvester Dodd, he had the very best friends.

Toby: That being said, Collins gives me the willies, so for a romantic night in, how about we install security cameras and an alarm?
Happy: Be still my heart.

Walter: What did you do to him?
Paige: Kicked him in the gooty. Run!