Rachel: Why are you here? You come to judge me or lecture me?
Danny: I'm here to save you!
Rachel: I don't need to be saved!

Danny: Rachel!
Rachel: Dad? Get out! I said get out!

My God, if this is foreplay please stop it.


You protected everyone. You put everyone first, and it's time we stop taking advantage of you.


Why did she hate us so much?


Me eating your pancakes doesn't mean we're okay. I'm still mad at you.


Lab Tech: The only woman who scares me more than my wife, is you.
Cornell: I'll take that as a compliment.

You're an idiot. But you're my brother.


I know who. I just need to know why.


Patrick: I didn't tell that cop about mom for revenge.
Eric: No one lies to themselves quite like you do Patrick.

While you were off playing house with wife number one, we were dealing with drunk, abusive wife number two.


The only people you need to be looking at is Eric. He pushed mom down the stairs 20 years ago.