I wanna remember my fucking kid being born!


What, indeed, is "you"?

Ricken (reading from his book “The You You Are”)

She was wonderful. She made you wonderful.


I don’t think severance divides us. I think it brings us together.


Mark: How’s our baby?
Devon: I’m going to assume that you mean that in the "It takes a village" sense, but she’s good.

I’ll fix it like I fix everything.

Ms. Cobel

These are our lives. No one gets to just turn you off.


Do you know if I’m happy up there?

Ms. Casey

Okay, kids. Let’s find out what’s for dinner.


"Our job is to taste free air. Your so-called boss may own the clock that taunts you from the wall, but, my friends, the hour is yours.”

Mark & Dylan [reading "The You You Are"]

I figured it out. The goats lay the eggs.


Helly: You pretended to care about me pretty well.
Mark: You’re easy to pretend to care about.
Helly: As are you.