Carrie: You said that you love me?
Mr Big: I do!
Carrie: Then why does it hurt so fucking much.

Mr. Big: This isn't about us. This is about work!
Carrie: No, this isn't about work. This is about us getting closer and you getting so freaked out that you have to put an ocean between us.

Stanford: Excuse me, but when did wild sex come back in style?
Carrie: Oh I think that was the weekend you spent at the Barney's warehouse sale.
Waiter: (male, barely dressed) Three cosmopolitans, a diet coke, and a vodka martini with a twist.
Samantha: (whips the table) I said olive! (Waiter bends over, and Samantha gives his butt a whipping) Bad waiter! Bad waiter!
Miranda: What do you tip for that?
Samantha: Anyone else want a whack?
Charlotte: How does he wait our tables dressed like that, it's humiliating.
Carrie: Well the summer I worked at Howard Johnson's I had to wear an orange hat.
Samantha: Don't be so judgemental! This is just a sexual expression. All these people have jobs and pay their bills. They're just having fun with fetishes. (tickling Charlotte with the tip of her whip) Hmm, I wonder what your fetish is.
Stanford: Charlotte has a thing for Crabtree & Evelyn foot cream.
Charlotte: I don't have a fetish!
Samantha: We all have a fetish! The difference between us and them is, they're putting it out there where everyone can see. And I think it's healthy and fabulous.
Carrie: (getting up) Well, it was lovely to see you all. And remember ladies, whipping on the first date is considered forward.
Stanford: You sit your ass down, Mistress Carrie, there are drinks present.
Carrie: No can do, Big's flying to Paris tomorrow for business and I want to say goodbye.
Samantha: Oh, why not give him a goodbye he'll never forget? (hands the whip and top hat to Carrie)
Stanford: Sacre bleu!
Samantha: Go get 'im, girl!

Charlotte: I once found another woman's underwear on a man's bed!
Carrie: Maybe it was Samantha's!

Samantha: I need a new gynecologist. Do you like yours?
Miranda: Not right now, no.
Samantha: Well, at least she's a woman. I tried to go to a man, but it was just too strange. Having a guy spend all that time down there and then you leave, without an orgasm and a bill!

Samantha: I never leave underwear at a guy's place, because I never see it again.
Charlotte: What happens to it?
Samantha: Nothing, I just never go back.
Carrie: Doesn't that get a little expensive, disposing of lingerie everytime you sleep with a guy?
Samantha: That's why I stopped wearing underwear on dates.
Miranda: And that's why, I'm never borrowing a dress from you again.

In order to survive two decades of dating in New York, Samantha had become a powerful hybrid - the ego of a man trapped in the body of a woman.


Miranda: I know what this is, my right ovary has given up hope that I will ever get married and have kids. It's like working on a case that you know is gonna settle out of court. Why bother?
Carrie: Well, the left one still believes.
Miranda: I'm a biological underachiever. And it's ironic because that ovary went to Harvard.

Samantha: Relationships have been on a decline since women came out of the cave, looked around, and said, "This isn't so hard."
Carrie: Okay, so you don't need a man, but you still want one.
Samantha: Oh honey, I want more than one.
Carrie: I can't decide whether you represent our future or our demise.
Samantha: I am the future!

If the things we leave behind become the archaeological relics of our sexual history, I should be able to leave something. Ancient man left cave drawings to prove they existed. I left a Hair Pro 1200, and I didn't stop at that. Man may have discovered fire, but woman discovered how to play with it.


(voiceover) The gay straight man was a new strain of heterosexual male spawned in Manhattan as the result of overexposure to fashion, exotic cuisine, musical theatre and antique furniture.


Carrie: Half my music collection was left behind by past boyfriends.
Charlotte: I always give that stuff back.
Carrie: Oh I don't. I consider it a parting gift. Thanks for playing and here's the latest from Hootie and the Blowfish.
Samantha: They're sexual souvenirs.

Sex and the City Season 2 Quotes

Carrie: Hey, I don't need therapy. I need new friends.
Samantha: Look, we're as fucked up as you are. It's like the blind leading the blind.

Me, James and his tiny penis, we're one big happy family.