You want to get shit faced in the middle of the day. Vodka's best. Believe me. I know. I'm Russian.


It's a brave new world, Fiona.


Debbie: I don't even think I'm coming.
Fiona: To my wedding?

Are you wearing cologne?


They call it distance learning. Know what I call it? Discrimination.


You have no money yet you're going into a grocery store. Interesting.


Debbie: I want to learn.
Teacher: Okay, here's a lesson: use condoms.

Can you fucking believe that shit?


Lip: It'd be funny if he actually showed up.
Fiona: And what? Pretended to reach into his pocket?

It's my traditional right to ask said patriarch pay for it.


Debbie: Where's your house?
Queenie: My tent's right up there.
Debbie: Your tent?

Lip: There's some girls that look like dudes.
Ian: I'll pass.