Nadine: What is it?
Isaac: It's the hard drive from the Atlas campus. This is a complete record of everything they ever did.
Nadine: Holy shit. It looks like Carlita made it out after all.
Isaac: I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
Nadine: Guess we'll find out.

Red: A hundred now. A hundred when it's done. Split it any way you want.
El Carnicero: Just Swagger?
Red: Whoever's there. No witnesses.
El Carnicero: As you wish.

Nadine: What are we calling it?
Isaac: Prometheus.
Nadine: You realize he was tortured for helping humanity, right?
Isaac: I thought it fit.

Bob Lee [to Nadine]: You still plan on taking over Atlas?
Isaac [waking up]: Not alone.
Nadine: Ah the dead rises. Atlas was a mistake but there's always going to be someone trying to run things.
Isaac: Might as well be the good guys.
Bob Lee: Is that you?
Isaac: I think so.

Julie: I don't know how to trust you anymore. I just don't.
Bob Lee: That's fair, but before you make a decision about us, there is one thing left to do and I need you and Mary by my side to do it.

Bob Lee: I'm still the man you fell in love with, Julie. I haven't changed.
Julie: I have. I've changed.
Bob Lee: So, you don't love me anymore?
Julie: I have never stopped loving you. I just don't love this anymore.

Nadine: Once you get that squared, we're accepting resumes.
Bob Lee: Tempting, but I think I'll pass. I'm going to focus on saving my marriage instead of the world.

Bob Lee: These two men raised me, Mary. They taught me everything I know. Right from wrong, good from bad. I loved and respected them both in different ways.
Mary: Was Grandpa Earl a good dad, like you?

Harris: I'll go with her.
Isaac: I'll go with her.
Harris: I'm not going to be much help in a gunfight.
Isaac: Then don't get in one. Bob Lee doesn't need a second gun. He needs someone to help him navigate this building.
Nadine: Go!
Harris: OK, alright.
Nadine: You too.
Isaac: Not a chance.

Nadine: I'm not sure there's anyone left, Isaac.
Isaac: There's always someone.
Nadine: So what, you want to take on the world?
Isaac: Yeah, but in the right way.
Nadine: You really want to do this? Become Atlas?

Red: I will burn this whole place to the ground, young man.
Harris: With what? Look around, Red. You don't have any friends left.

Secretary: Excuse me, I have a Harris Downey here.
Nadine: Send him in.
Isaac: What's he want?
Nadine: I have no idea.
Isaac: Want me to stay?
Nadine: Knowing him, he wants to talk about our relationship. Yeah, please stay.
Isaac: Have fun.

Shooter Quotes

Bob Lee: We don't need night vision, we're Marines.
Mary: Semper fi!
Bob Lee: Semper fi.

Hunter: That wolf is ours!
Bob Lee: She might have a different opinion