Gregson: I don't have all day.
Isaac: I want out.
Gregson: No.
Isaac: I almost got killed.
Gregson: You volunteered. You knew the risk.

Nadine: Whelp,[salutes] bye Marine.
Bob Lee: We'll work on that salute, Corporal.

Bob Lee: Memphis, I couldn't have done it without you.
Nadine: You're an easy man to believe in.

Bob Lee Swagger, you are exonerated from the assassination of the Ukrainian president.


I want annex B, are you really willing to die for this?


Bob Lee, where is annex B?


Mary: What happened?
Julie: Daddy's here.

Your husband had to be the hero didn't he? Very American. Where's your husband now?


Isaac: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did to you.
Bob Lee: Don't let me see you again.

Julie: I called the cops.
Grigory: I doubt that. All the police are in Mason's Bay, looking for your husband's body.

Isaac: Does your boss know you're doing this?
Nadine: No. I'm not letting Swagger die out there today. Neither are you. Try to run, and I'll leave you up there on that mountain.

Isaac: Hey, you're gonna need every long-gun you can get. Let me help.
Nadine: It's not my call.

Shooter Quotes

Bob Lee: We don't need night vision, we're Marines.
Mary: Semper fi!
Bob Lee: Semper fi.

Hunter: That wolf is ours!
Bob Lee: She might have a different opinion