Bob Lee: He's with me.
Julie: What? That is the asshole who started all of this!
Isaac: And I'm the asshole who's going to finish it.

I'm only going to ask you this once, where the hell is my daughter?!


I guess he found my bullet.

Bob Lee

Isaac: You know, if Bob Lee could learn to work with me you can too.
Nadine: I wouldn't mistake his lack of hostility as trust.

I don't speak trust fund.

Bob Lee

Lonnie: Are you here to kill me?
Bob Lee: I don't talk about killing, Lon.I just do it.

[to Payne] Even the most loyal soldier needs someone to cover his slack. Even you must realize , that you are expendable.


Nadine: Is someone going to say something...
Isaac: Leave it alone.
Nadine: We need a new plan!

You're obsession with Swagger has clouded your judgment.


Bob Lee: Payne set us up! Julie and Mary were never here.
Isaac:They lured us here so Lon could have a clear line of sight.

Isaac: Does she know how this is going to go down?
Bob Lee: She knows what I am.

You really think they're going to let you walk away with the diamonds?...They don't trust you, hell they probably don't even like you.

Bob Lee

Shooter Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Bob Lee: Where is my family?!
Isaac: What did I tell you? Leave your emotions out of it.

Nadine: You're asking me to violate my oath!
Bob Lee: I'm not asking you to do anything! The door is right there!