The only reason I signed up for any of this was because I thought we were serving a greater purpose.


Nadine: Do you believe me now?
Director: Oh for Christ's sake are you gonna make me say it? Yeah, I believe you now.

Bob Lee: What about all the bodies?
O'Brien: Nature'll take care of 'em. My guess is nobody will miss 'em.

You couldn't have gotten him before I got shot? I'm just sayin.


Hugh: I don't have to listen to the girl who was stupid enough to get caught in a press conference.
Director: Hey asshole, this is Special Agent Memphis, and when you're in my office you will address her with respect.

O'Brien: Hey, try not to shoot me.
Bob Lee: Just don't get in my way.

Bob Lee: I got a titanium hip!
O'Brien: And I got a five inch dick, but you don't hear me bragging about it.

What is it about me Jack? Do I remind you of your mother?


There are four rifles strong enough to fire a bullet like this. That's one of them right there. You find the other black kings, you find your shooter.


Just because he had my bullet, doesn't mean he knows how to use it.


[to Isaac] I know Payne was working with part of Homeland.


Let me guess, a friend told you he needed help. And you didn't see that ambush coming a mile away? Thought I taught you better than that.


Shooter Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

No way, I read about these. They're some kind of hangover cure right? [whispers] Does the FBI know you have a drinking problem?


I don't want to ruin a pretty good day, it's just, Donnie's mom is missing.