Bob Lee: These two men raised me, Mary. They taught me everything I know. Right from wrong, good from bad. I loved and respected them both in different ways.
Mary: Was Grandpa Earl a good dad, like you?

FBI Agent: Swagger, you know what it's like to have the entire US Government on your ass. So, tell me what you were doing in those woods.
Bob Lee: Lawyer.

Bob Lee: I never brought danger to our family. Someone else always brought it to me.
Julie: I know. You're a clusterfuck magnet.

Harris: No offense, I need a break from you two. I'm gonna go see my buddy, Van Tassel. With Brooks gone, maybe he knows who the next nominee is -- see how far down Atlas goes on this.
Nadine: Well, don't use your credit cards.
Bob Lee: And don't go home.
Harris: Yeah, no, I'm good. I'll be fine. I'll get some more of that pink pepper spray, right?
Bob Lee: It's powerful shit.

Julie: Bob Lee, I'm done. I'm done with you being an absent father. I'm done with living in danger. I'm done with Mary living in danger, I'm just done.
Bob Lee: Shit. When you said you wanted to meet I never thought it was about this.

Hey, we're okay. The war in Afghanistan is over for you. You had to bury friends and family, and you've now solved your father's murder. It's time to come home. Stop trying to save the world. Save your family instead.


You and Isaac were right I really almost lost everything.

Bob Lee

Brooks: You really are your father's son.
Bob Lee: You're goddamn right.

Nadine: I heard there were dozens of Atlas agents at the campus. You only brought three?
Isaac: They weren't exactly lining up to be taken in.

Nadine: Isaac, you copy all of that?
Isaac: Let me guess, Bob Lee stopped Atlas and solved healthcare.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say you lost the stomach for killing. Maybe that's what happens to a man after he buries his son.


Harris: You're paying off Atlas agents now?
Nadine: We have a play.
Harris: Does your new band of mercenaries have a name yet? Because the A Team's taken. [Looks at Isaac] You cannot be OK with this, right? [Bob Lee enters]. Thank you, someone, reasonable finally shows up.
Bob Lee: Harris, I need you to get me into a congressional hearing.
Harris: Ugh, I fucking hate you guys.

Shooter Quotes

The key is communication, but the lock is trust.


A man is the sum of his memories. If those are gone, who am I?