Brit: Is Joel who you thought I’d end up with?
Sam: No for a variety of reasons. But, I’m really happy you guys are doing this.

Sam: When did this become about me?
Brit: Oh Sam, it’s always been about you. Can you go?

Brit: We don’t really work like this.
Sam: Like what?
Brit: You're helping me, it’s not our thing.

I didn’t realize this was a runaway bride situation.


There’s no such thing as one drink with us. You know that.


There are hundreds of people downstairs waiting to take photos of you, and you look beautiful.


Sam: Dad? I can’t see your face anymore.
Sam’s dad: Maybe I don’t want you to when you’re drinking.
Sam: Oh shit! I’m drinking. I really want to see you.

Congratulations! Go revel in your freedom.


Brit: Can you help me or not?
Felicia: Why would I help you?
Brit: I don’t know. I thought you might know somebody. I remember that party in high school you had weed.

You knew me better than anybody. You definitely knew I was an alcoholic before I did. I’m sorry for a lot of stuff. I miss you a lot.


Brit: We don’t have kids.
Joel: Yeah, but we talked about it.
Brit: And we talked about building a house, but it was just conversation.

Felicia, thank you for not giving up on me, even though you definitely should have.