My name is Michael Nasry. This is a message to you, America. You thought you could kill me. Your SEALs tried. Your drones tried. And your CIA tried. But I'm still here because you cannot kill an idea.


We failed you, amigo. We had him and we let him go.


I'm not the guy you married anymore. I can't be that guy.


You know for a Navy Seal, you're not hard to sneak up on.


He's not your asset. He's a goddamned traitor.


Sir, he's going to be dead by dark.


Prince: Whose side are you on?
Nasry: If you want to kill Gina Cline, then let's bring her close.

Jesus. It's an ambush.


I joined the SEALs to make a difference, and I realize I never will.


Caulder: You got something to say? Say it.
Trevor: You're not ready. You know the guys, they're loyal. They see what they want to see, but me? I see things clearly.
Caulder: What do you see?
Trevor: A selfish prick so desperate to get back on this team, he'd risk all our lives.

Him, I need. But you are more trouble than you're worth.

The Prince

Doc, I haven't been psychologically fit since I slid down the birth canal.


SIX Quotes

Are we going to do this, or we just going to talk about it?


It's Red Bull for taco heads.