Lex: I thought you were in Monaco.
Lionel: The backbone of surprise is fusing secrecy with speed.

Lex: I think he saw Julian as his second chance. A chance for him to have a son he could truly love.
Clark: I'm sorry.
Lex: It's in the past, Clark. We would have ended up hating each other anyway. My father would have seen to that.

Don't worry, Chloe's the queen of obscure and irrelevant references.


You can stay as long as you want. Maybe some of you'll rub off on Clark.


The day Julian was born was the only time I felt like I was part of a real family.


Ryan: (after being kissed by Lana) I don't know, but I'm definitely in love.
Clark: Join the club.

Clark: Warrior Angel, why him?
Ryan: Because he protects people who can't protect themselves. I like being around you Clark. It's...peaceful.

Wow. Drinking beer, mouthing off, and counter macking with your mom. Congratulations, Clark, your dad has regressed to being a teenager.


I know you want me, Clark. Stop holding back. Come on, you're not made of steel... or are you?


Lex: Pete, I'm going to reach in there and get that book. If you want to shoot me... go ahead.
Pete: No problem.

(after catching his parents "counter macking") I did not need to see that!


Lana: You think too much, Clark.
Clark: Right now I'm thinking this doesn't seem like you.
Lana: Or maybe... (undresses) ...I'm more me than ever.

Smallville Season 1 Quotes

Pete: Statistical fact: If Clark moved any slower he'd be extinct.

Jonathan: I know this has gotta be really hard for you. But you gotta just hang in there like we promised.
Clark: I'm sick of "hanging in there." All I want to do is go through high school without being a total loser.