Kyle: But you know, I've learned something today. You see, the basis of all reasoning is the mind's awareness of itself. What we think, the external objects we perceive, are all like actors that come on and off stage. But our consciousness, the stage itself, is always present to us.
Cartman: Tits.

I'm going to find out who the boss is, and when I do, I'm going to bust his ass and everyone's ass who helped hide his ass!

Mr. Foley

Man, that is tits!


Chef: Well whatever you're doing, just remember this: Having money may seem fun butOh never mind.

Oh my God! There's got to be at least 15 dollars here!

</i> Chef

Anyway, the half-chicken, half-squirrel would most likely be about 3 to 4.5 feet tall. His large beak is probably detachable and works as a flotation device.


Mr. Foley: It's not ridiculous, it's very possible! I've seen it happen before!
Dentist: Where?
Mr. Foley: In Montreal.
(All of the dentists burst into laughter)
Dentist: And where, pray, is this Montreal?

Loogie: Tell you what, how would you like to run the South Park tooth racket for me?
Stan: Oh. I dunno
(Loogie holds up a knife)
Loogie: It's that, or else I can cut off your penises.
Cartman: Hmm. Work for youHave my penis cut off. Work for youHave my penis cut off. Let's see
Kyle: Cartman!

Cartman: You guys, you guys! Oh my god, seriously, you guys!
Stan: What the hell's wrong with Cartman?
Kyle: He's fat and stupid.

South Park Season 4 Quotes

It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation, this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.

</i> Cartman

Cartman: Suck my balls.
Ms. Choksondik: Present them.
Cartman: What?
Ms. Choksondik: Present: Whip them out and I'll suck 'em.