Now let's bang out some spells and spring us some goddamned souls. Waddya say?

That is Leonard Wilensky, the town Gorilla.


So let me get this straight. In your America, a fake gorilla and a mailbox can't get together. Good to know. Good to know.


Anyway, your ex-husband is here again, and he's turning into a caterpillar. No, that's it, hasta luego.

OK. So the shopkeeper is a demon sent by Echolls. [The Mothra twins snicker and nod.]


Evie: What's that stuff that makes you throw up?
Leon: That guy on Bravo?!

Fleming: Mr. Miller, I'm going to have to ask you to believe me.
Stan: I don't want to believe.

It worked! It worked, dad! You can make jello out of wine!


Stan: Gosh, I'd love to help you, but today's a very bad day.
Leon: What happened?
Stan: Well, things were going along pretty swimmingly, actually, and there was a knock on the door. And when I opened it, there was a whole pack of jackasses.

Evie: Touche.
Fleming: It's nice to meet you, Touche.
Evie: No, it's...
Fleming: I know.

Evie: Hey, have you ever heard of the New Hampshire State Bureau of Paranorman Phenonema?
Stan: The NHSBPP?
Evie: Yeah!
Stan: No, but that's what they'd be called.

Evie: Whatever that thing is, I think it's more powerful than Constable Echolls.
Stan: I know.

Stan Against Evil Quotes

Leon: The new sheriff is not a woman.
Stan: Well, we got that goin' for us. For a second I thought we were livin' in Europe!

Thadeus: Evelyn Barret. Unholy viper!
Evie: I am not the viper. YOU are!