I'm sorry for the pain you had to endure. And I'm sorry it's about to get worse.


Bryce: The Viridian won't just let us go.
Burnham: I don't expect them to which is why we have to eject the warp core and blow our way out.
Rhys: What?
Owo: We'll blow ourselves along with it.
Burnham: There's a chance we won't
Tilly: I was really hoping you would say that.

Aurelio: Violence is not necessary.
Zareh: Why don't we test that theory?

Wanting is not the same as doing.


Osyraa: I would've come here too. Smart.
Burnham: Your approval means everything to me.

Who do you think is going to make a bigger stain down there? You or that fat cat of yours?


Regulator: Sir, I'm getting reports of a fire fight on Deck 7. Hostiles are advancing, heading to the bridge.
Burnham: What can I say? We are Starfleet.

Burnham: Ni'Var is here because of me. They trust me. Vance trusts me.
Osyraa: All the more reason I cannot.
Burnham: You're outnumbered and outgunned. You have nothing to lose.

Orion hearts have six valves. Blood flows in both directions. They are so much more complex than human hearts.


Zareh: This is what's called a no-win situation.
Burnham: I don't believe in those.
Osyraa: Well, then, you still have a lot to learn.

Saru: Outside can be challenging...
Su'Kal: Dangerous
Saru: ...but it is also beautiful. And diverse. And filled with wonder.

Even in fear, Su'Kal, you can still step forward.