Hiding behind a wall may calm your fears, but it won't keep you safe. The void will eventually reach you. We all live in the same space. This is all there is.


Burnham: I am not asking for leniency.
Rillak: I know, but reasons do matter. It's the only way justice can ever be just.

Love always ends in grief, but we can't let the pain do this to us.


I have come to believe the limits that I place upon myself do not protect me so much as dull the brightness of my days.


We came to this future to find the Federation in pieces, quadrants and sectors, planets and families, divided. So much uncertainty and disconnection. But the Burn and the DMA have shown us that we are all connected, and we can overcome any challenge so long as we do it together.


We've lost so many, you and me. But we can't do harm in their names or memories. We have to honor them, all of them, because they were beloved, beautiful.


Stamets: Good news is I can get us out and we should survive.
Rillak: Should?
Stamets: Best I can do these days.

Book: There's gotta be a way out of this.
Reno: If I had some hot 'n' sour soup... wouldn't help us. I'm just hungry. The upside is, when we hit the hyperfield, we'll be vaporized immediately.
Book: Where's the upside in that?
Reno: We'll die fast. I hate pain.

I programmed the Dots to reinforce the deflector arrays and rerouted all power to the shields, so toilets might not flush anymore, but might buy Earth a little bit more time.


United Earth is my home. Its citizens are my family. Spent the last twenty years fighting to protect both. That is where my decision to help Booker and Tarka came from. Whether or not you would've made the same choice, you must understand it.


People are scared. They're losing everything. They're going to be looking to the Federation for guidance, for safety, for hope. We get to give that to them.


Tell them each of us is an individual one. We are also one as a whole. Our appearances and experiences differ yet we all seek happiness, freedom, security, equality. We want that for our children, just as you do for yours. There is so much at unites us.